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Managing Risk

Once you’ve defined the risk, how do you analyse, and then develop a programme to put into effect the efficiencies you’ve identified?

The more defined the risk profile, the more difficult that managing risk becomes.

Do you have confidence that your systems can deal with these complexities? Is the data helping you communicate to your teams so they’re not adding more wastage? Putting in the right inspection regime is the right start but do you have the right telemetry to collect ongoing data to report back to stakeholders?

Manage risk with ease

Mitigate risk quickly
Our bulk editor dramatically reduces the time of setting up even the most complete of maintenance regimes
Unrivalled accuracy
Our class-leading solutions give more accurate data to help inform better decision-making
Flood risk reduction
Our systems helped reduce the flood risk locations from 1,400 to 250 in Southampton
User-friendly system
Ease of use and reliability means that teams on the ground can collect data quickly and accurately
Identify costs quickly
The simplicity of our system allows you to cost work packages in seconds – giving you a faster way to mitigate risk
De-risk with deeper data
Using Ordnance Survey and local authority data, we have developed a system that reduces wastage and minimises the risk of a claim against the council
"Brilliant protection against insurance claims."
Brian Murphy
Tarmac, Knowsley
“This software enabled us to put in place proactive management strategies."
Neil Tomlinson
Senior Highways Manager, Rutland Council
"Captured data helped us adopt a range of cleansing frequencies across the network, making best use of limited budgets."
Richard Pohribnyj
Highway Asset Manager, Walsall Council

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