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The Problem

Isolated councils face shared drainage challenges

Councils were working in isolation, but encountering the same problems relating to highway drainage.

With 10 years of experience of working with local authorities, KaarbonTech understood that its customers had similar needs relating to highway drainage, and the expectations of their stakeholders and customers were highly comparable.  

Our Approach

Collaborative event for learning and development

Customers were brought together with industry leaders and peers, at the KaarbonTech Live drainage event for interactive learning.

KaarbonTech Live events were established to provide the rare opportunity for like-minded, local authority customers to enjoy a day of interactive learning and discussion, and come together to share best practices. 

Industry-leading speakers set the scene at the KaarbonTech drainage live event of 2022. They gave thought-provoking presentations, which prompted debate, through relaxed round table discussions. These provided the opportunity for sharing ideas, where differing opinions were encouraged. KaarbonTech used this event to listen to its customers and to develop platforms that work for them.   

Delegates were made to feel comfortable, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of different methods and identifying where technology can be developed to work smarter with data. 

One-to-one training was offered, where delegates were among the first to see the latest developments and new technology was demonstrated.  The attendees had valuable time to learn from each other and understand how they have used the software to improve their operations, through group discussion.   

The Result

Delegates learned how to use data more effectively, to improve service delivery and maximise funding.

Attendees left the event wiser with a wealth of knowledge, appreciating how they can utilise their data more effectively. They learned how to increase delivery and maximise the DfT funding, by evidencing the asset management approach to service delivery. 


A lot of knowledge sharing going on, really great to meet so many other people that deliver the same type of job across the country

Dan Trott, Cyclical Works Co-ordinator, Skanska,

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