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We use our innovative software to connect the relationship between assets and their surroundings, giving us the means to reduce risk and focus on innovation.

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To develop intuitive software, you need to see the world from the user’s perspective

Why retain traditional, disconnected and under-optimised software that is numbingly slow? We believe highway infrastructure is multi-dimensional, interconnected and complex. Simplify your highway management with our intuitive software.

KaarbonTech SMART Software

The new era of highway infrastructure asset management


Smart Gully Maintenance

Monitor usage and condition with accurate drainage management software to help you reduce flood risk

road with trees and parked cars

Minimise Tree Risk

Monitor disease or condition and collate driven, aerial or walked inventory surveys with intuitive software

person surveying a gully

Improve Grass Management

Utilise equipment smarter and keep stakeholders better informed with tailored software


Better Grit Bin Monitoring

Manage public interference, salt theft and usage with intuitive software that protects you against litigation

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We create accurate asset inventories, validate condition, and audit fieldwork to improve work programmes, productivity and maintenance standards


Work with us and produce clear, frictionless, actionable plans to help you improve service delivery, mitigate risk, protect budgets and secure additional funding


Sharpen your service delivery with measurable results, demonstrable benefits and improved public perception


Within four months of moving to the KaarbonTech software we had saved £50,000. The impact on cost and efficiency is real and measurable.

Tony Casey, Surrey County Council Highways
Specialised Software

Improve Productivity

We provide intuitive software to collect asset and condition data with the management tools to act upon it efficiently.

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