System Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple, covering our three service areas – Software, Surveying and Advice.


Our software is modular, meaning that you can add additional functionality to your system as knowledge and requirements evolve. This means you can tailor your solutions as you go, rather than having a large initial outlay. This modular approach is divided into sections: 

  • Annual system base cost – this includes support for all users, hosting and security updates for the system. 

  • Office-based access – this is included in the base cost and allows multiple levels of permission-based access to the system. 

  • Field Licences – ensuring good data is collected easily and quickly by field users is key to our system. Our pricing for field licences is on a sliding scale, so if your requirements change, additional users will be cheaper than your initial users.  

  • Modular Add-ons – additional modules covering risk modelling and performance reporting can be added at any time, allowing long-term maintenance strategies to be planned and delivered in the most cost-efficient manner. 


Our surveying services are priced on application, based on the productivity we can achieve and the data validation involved to ensure accurate results. An end-to-end process of collection to delivery is used to walk through in collaboration with you, to understand data usage, timescales and define the right level of detail. All of this strikes the right balance between price, speed and usability.   


Our advisory services take many forms and can be priced as a retainer for specialist repeatable services or as a one-off for projects with specific outcomes like client funding generation, service reviews, risk profiling and planning of future maintenance. As we provide a variety of different services for our customers, we estimate costs after an initial project scope meeting. 

To tell us about your requirements, and receive a quote for any of our services, get in touch.