better grit bin monitoring

Effective, efficient grit bin management

Understand public interference, salt theft and usage to reduce filling rounds and remove grit bins that aren't being used.

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Huge savings from small changes - the only dedicated grit bin management software

Why maintain grit bins that aren't used? Utilise resources better by understanding usage and ensuring the right bins are filled at the right time

Insightful action

Use insight to end wastage and plan grit bin usage better


Market Leading Software

Complete management software for a risk based approach to grit bin maintenance


Integration as Standard

Multi-way communication of asset, inspection and defect data. Integration with other council systems


Grit Bin Surveying

Cost neutral, high speed surveying ahead of filling rounds - capture condition, movement and plan smarter


Develop Powerful Strategies

Collaborate with us to create clear actionable plans for grit bin management

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We provide the software for you to manage and improve work programmes, productivity and maintenance standards.


Work with us and produce clear, frictionless, actionable plans to help you improve service delivery, mitigate risk, protect budgets and secure additional funding


Sharpen your service delivery with measurable results, demonstrable benefits and improved public perception


Since implementing KaarbonTech software, crew productivity has improved by 50%.

Steve Thornley,, Coventry Council

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