Cost neutral surveying to understand your network

Poor data invariably leads to inaccurate and costly decisions. Using Artificial Intelligence, structured training and self auditing all improve the quality of data we collect from the field.

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Maintain and develop stakeholder trust with our knowledge and holistic approach to reduce flood risk and improve drainage management

The bedrock of highway infrastructure asset management

gully software in use
Gully Surveying

Cost Neutral Gully Surveying

Independent inventory creation, silt level measurement and condition surveying to start your risk based approach

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Drainage Connectivity Surveys

Pipe CCTV and connectivity

Pinpoint pipe defects and remedial suggestions against mapping with unrivalled reporting to focus your resources

person surveying a tree
Tree Surveying

Tree Inventory and Defect Surveys

Driven, aerial or walked tree surveys. Using the right tools to strike the balance between detail and speed

Grit Bin Surveying

Grit Bin Surveying

Know your usage. On average 60% of grit bins are visited unnecessarily

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Clear classification of risk and vulnerability has realised a £324,000 per annum saving.

Graham Banks, Surrey County Council

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