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Poor data invariably leads to inaccurate and costly decisions. We constantly validate, audit and improve.

It's quite incredible to see how often others place little emphasis on how to ensure good data is collected from the field. We use tailored survey software, artificial intelligence and monitor survey data daily to look for anomalies and direct physical audits.

Survey Types

The right balance between speed, cost and data collection

Independent Gully Surveys

We have demonstrated the provision of cost neutral gully surveying across much of the UK and have surveyed over 1,000,000 gullies. Our processes and bespoke tooling constantly evolve to improve the accuracy of the data collected.

Drainage Connectivity

We provide walked inventory surveys collect clear, accurate drainage, ditch and outfall locations with condition, measurements and photos. We identify locations for further investigation so we can help you understand future maintenance requirements.

CCTV Pipeline Surveying

Our top of the range CCTV survey equipment pinpoints pipe defects and remedial suggestions against mapping with unrivalled reporting. Understand the investment required across your network and interact with surveys within our software.

Cyclical Programme Writing

We can plan your cyclical maintenance programme in the most efficient way ensuring the shortest travel distance between locations and striking the right balance between proactive working and risk.

About Kaarbontech

This is exactly the type of innovation we needed. The intelligence gained enables us to reduce the frequency of cleaning and prioritise problem areas.

John Roseblade, Group Manager Highways & Environment, Walsall Council

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