What makes us different from the rest?

We are unique in our service offerings of Software, Surveying and Advice, tailoring our solutions specifically for each customer.


Our software and services focus on complex assets where an understanding of the industry, politics, legalities and working practices are critical to producing the right outcome or software design. Our experts come from a range of backgrounds, giving us a wealth of knowledge of the industry and how all these factors work together, and therefore how we need to approach any solution. 



Other software provides generic platforms where you can write your own questions and design your own reports. We understand that local authorities and other organisations benefit from a holding hand to design these. Using our extensive knowledge of each asset type and how best it can be managed, we identify small repetitive opportunities for improved efficiency or financial savings. The scale of the repetition is what makes the financial value so big. 


How do we do this? 

We simplify the spatial relationship that one asset type has with its surroundings so that you can bring to life your existing archives of data and unlock efficiencies. Whether it be automating the tree species by their deciduous nature to visualise how many gullies are affected by leaf fall; bringing in freely available sensor data to help answer questions on the effect of climate change; or joining industry research with customer data to measure CO2 savings, we can simply demonstrate where efficiencies and savings can be made. 

Automating repetitive functions, simplifying geospatial queries and ensuring field users have the right information in their hands to make the right decision is why we lead the industry on innovation and progress.