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The new era of asset management

We take everything there is to know about your highway network infrastructure and turn it into a clear and frictionless, actionable plan for you to follow.

What We Do

Enable a comprehensive risk-based approach to highways infrastructure asset management.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Protect budgets
  • Plan strategic investment
  • Demonstrate value for money
  • Utilise big data
  • Make accurate decisions
  • Reduce cO2


We create accurate asset inventories, validate condition, and audit fieldwork. This improves work programmes, productivity and maintenance standards.


Our service-specific software and powerful data modelling unlocks valuable insights. Stunning map-based visualisations and seamless integrations enable stakeholders to access, understand and plan better.


We take everything there is to know about your network infrastructure and turn it into clear, frictionless, actionable plans to help you improve service delivery, mitigate risk, protect your budgets and make the case for additional funding.

Why Kaarbontech

We help communities thrive, giving highway authorities the tools to develop and progress

Traditional, disconnected and under-optimised solutions are numbingly slow. We believe highway network infrastructure is multidimensional, interconnected and complex. To succeed, you need a company that is fearless and ready for the unpredictable future.

Connected & Optimised

The new era of highway infrastructure asset management

Unlock Drainage Insight

Understand drainage usage and condition with our gully, pipeline or CCTV surveys. Manage ongoing maintenance through our fast, intuitive and data-rich software, or collaborate with us for ideas, advice and smarter ways to keep your network flood free.

Minimise Tree Risk

Get clear, accurate tree locations and condition with our driven, aerial or walked inventory surveys. Our software combines geographic and inspection data to manage risk at a glance. Plan proactive maintenance programmes and improve office-to-field communication with real-time data.

Better Grit Bin Monitoring

Manage usage and monitor public interference and salt theft with our intuitive software that provides time-stamped evidence. Our proactive inspection led programming drives costs down and service standards up.

Smart Grass Management

Map, measure and monitor greenspace activity to utilise equipment better and keep stakeholders informed. Our software supports seasonal greenspace management, differing cut frequencies and high speed lone working.

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About KaarbonTech

KaarbonTech has revolutionised the way we operate. Risk scoring has to be the future of the industry, it’s the only way for it to move forward.

Martin King, Highways Manager, Northumberland County Council

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