accurate data collection

Experienced tree surveyors collecting accurate data.

Understand the risk and budgets required to manage your tree stocks now and in the future


Poor data invariably leads to inaccurate and costly decisions. We constantly validate, audit and improve.

It's quite incredible to see how often others place little emphasis on how to ensure good data is collected from the field. We use tailored survey software, artificial intelligence and monitor survey data daily to look for anomalies and direct physical audits.

Survey Types

The right balance between speed, cost and data collection

Driven Tree surveys

Our analytics team identify the best way of separating surveys by the mode of transport. Tree density, access and road speed are some of the factors considered. Two man team driven surveys can be a great way to strike the balance between cost and detail. Our software signs off road sections as they are surveyed with time stamps.

Walked Tree Surveys

We provide Lantra qualified experienced arborists to conduct walked inventory or condition surveys and ash dieback assessments. Our tailored survey software records all evidence and road, property or tree level to support customers in the event of litigation.

Develop Powerful Strategies

Collaborate with us to create clear actionable tree management plans that reduce risk and make the best use of existing budgets and enable authorities to present the case for additional funding.

About Kaarbontech

This is exactly the type of innovation we needed. The intelligence gained enables us to reduce the frequency of cleaning and prioritise problem areas.

John Roseblade, Group Manager Highways & Environment, Walsall Council

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