accurate data collection

Experienced surveyors collecting accurate grit bin data

Understand your grit bin salt usage and condition and improve your service with our network surveying

Why KaarbonTech

Poor data invariably leads to inaccurate and costly decisions. We constantly validate, audit and improve.

It's quite incredible to see how often others place little emphasis on how to ensure good data is collected from the field. We use tailored survey software, artificial intelligence and monitor survey data daily to look for anomalies and direct physical audits.

Data collection

Dedicated survey software for grit bins

We record location, condition and fill levels to help you understand salt usage and monitor those bins moved by the public. Displaying the trace of the deployed to the current location helps redeployment decisions to be made.

optimise maintenance

Improved routing

On average 60% of grit bins don't need filling. Our analytics teams can help you save fuel, CO2 and money by creating more efficient fill routes using the complete inventory or those identified during surveying with lower fill levels. The programmes are delivered through Grit SMART so your teams can pick up and go.

We'll help you move forwards


We provide intuitive, accurate and integrated data collection tools that empower authorities to make better decisions,


We help highway authorities understand their data by building robust, data-driven models for a risk-based maintenance approach


We have a wealth of highway maintenance knowledge. Let's help you unlock opportunities across your entire infrastructure.

Why Kaarbon Tech

Save time and money with KaarbonTech’s solutions

Develop Powerful Strategies

Data doesn’t interpret itself, work with specialists that understand data and explain how to use it.

Insights Change Everything

We see things others don’t, highlight what’s broken but tell you exactly how to fix it.

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Improve efficiency and demonstrate savings while protecting budgets.

Eternal Enthusiasm

The problems we face provide the opportunity to learn and create.

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Maintain and develop stakeholder trust with our knowledge and holistic approach.

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Use insight to end bureaucracy, cut through red-tape and mobilise action.

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