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Integration with Confirm for a Seamless Transfer of Information


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The Problem

Challenges in accessing and sharing information

Access to information between customer service and general maintenance data has been challenging for councils.

Confirm is a management software system that is used by many councils to raise work orders on the highway. Customer service centres have tended to use the customer service module, and maintenance crews the general maintenance module.  

Historically it had been difficult for these individuals to access each other’s information.  

This has led to service requests taking time to get to the maintenance crews, and information regarding the location of the request, is sometimes difficult to establish. Manual intervention can easily lead to error.  

In the case of a gully service request, the job handler would raise a customer enquiry, try to establish the location of the fault and then manually replicate the order in Gully SMART. Once the job is inspected/complete, the crew would update the progress in Gully SMART.  

In reality that is often where the narrative ended. The customer was left hoping that their request was being handled, with no feedback readily available.  

Our Approach

Seamless integration enhances location accuracy

KaarbonTech connected the two systems for accuracy of location and easy access to progress reports.

Integration between the two systems enabled ‘reactive’ jobs raised in Confirm, to be linked through to Gully SMART, using the Confirm Asset ID field for accurate location of the problem. 

Jobs could be raised using job codes in Confirm and automatically passed to Gully SMART to inform the type of work to be carried out.  I.e., gully cleanse, cleanse and jet, cleanse and root cut. Similarly, codes were used to accurately update the status of the visit - complete, abandoned, additional work required etc.  

Upon completion of the job, the operative would ‘accept’ the status update code, which pushed the information back into Confirm to close out the job. History of the work on the asset was then being created and stored in KaarbonTech for better visibility and management of the asset. 

The Result

Enhanced productivity through integrated data

There is no longer need for additional data investigation to establish the progress of a report. Customers can easily be kept informed of their service request.

Integration is at the heart of the KaarbonTech product and is now demonstrating an exponential increase in productivity, for those organisations who have taken up the offer.  

By bringing together condition and service request history, customer data and video in one operational tool, it allows access to the necessary information to risk assess the future maintenance of the gully. The crew has access to a plethora of data including customer comments, tools required, traffic management, condition status and target dates for inspection and defect repair.  

Further work to be carried out by another party, or another area of the organisation outside of KaarbonTech is also seamlessly shared as required. An increase in customer satisfaction comes, as the result of being able to keep the customer informed at each stage of their report.  


KaarbonTech can provide a seamless transfer of data to and from Confirm for displaying info and raising orders

Graeme Forward, Technical Operations Manager,

Eliminate Risk. Enable Action.

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