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The Problem

Integrating tech for improved customer service

Northampton County Council (NCC) wanted to merge Gully SMART with its existing customer service system, Alloy.

In today’s fast-paced world where real time updates are the norm, councils are turning to innovative technologies to increase customer service and enhance customer satisfaction.  

NCC was using Gully SMART to manage its gully cleansing programme; however, they wanted the seamless transfer of information into their customer service interface, Alloy. This would enable them to provide their customers with up to the minute information on the gully cleansing programme. 

Our Approach

Staged integration of software systems

Gully asset data and inspection records stored in Alloy were uploaded in a phased approach to Gully SMART.

Northamptonshire County Council could see the benefit of modernising its reactive gully maintenance service and improving the customers’ journey and asked KaarbonTech to integrate its existing software – Alloy - with Gully SMART.  

A staged approach was taken to fully integrate the gully asset data and inspection records.  

Initially a daily transfer of asset data including structural details and precise location, was made over several weeks into the Gully SMART system. Gully SMART being the primary dataset, meant that any local changes made in Alloy, to any existing assets, were overridden.  

The next phase allowed the passing of historical inspection data from Gully SMART to Alloy, and the final phase dealt with moving newly added asset data into Gully SMART. 

The Result

Improved data accuracy and seamless communication

Better programming and cost savings due to a reliable cleansed data set, with improved customer data.

The result of the integration between the two systems was the provision of a thoroughly cleansed reliable dataset, showing exact location of each asset or group of assets and full inspection history.  

Information leading to further work that needs to be carried out by another party, or another area of the organisation outside of KaarbonTech is passed seamlessly between the two systems. Importantly, those areas of the organisation requiring different information from the software can all access the relevant fields, be that general maintenance or customer service.   

This led to a more proactive and effective approach to Northamptonshire’s reactive gully maintenance programme, with cost benefits associated with better programming. Any updates on the result of the inspection or work carried out, along with feedback to the customer is captured with ‘one source of truth’ for each report made.  


Alloy's integration with Gully SMART improved customers and stakeholder access to cyclical gully programme data.

Doug Maxted, Technical Strategy Manager, KaarbonTech,

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