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The Problem

A need to support that appropriate action was taken during the risk assessment of tree stocks, to defend against potential litigation.

Arborists are highly skilled in the risk management of trees, however, should an incident occur because of failure of a tree or element of that tree, additional data to support the decisions taken over treatment may be required to mitigate against prosecution.  

Our Approach

KaarbonTech built an easy-to-use platform to record THREATS surveying records using a consistent approach to risk scoring.

KaarbonTech having previously integrated with other tree risk frameworks was able to bring the data from Tree Hazard Risk Evaluation and Treatment System (THREATS) into its intuitive software to populate the valuable detail associated with the arborist's findings.  

The arborist will quantify that risk when surveying and raise works orders on the PDA in priority order if applicable. A drop-down menu is presented, and the arborist will score against three values for each tree, these being.  

  • A failure score - how likely the tree or component of that tree is to fail, from nothing to imminent.  

  • A target score, what is in the vicinity and what might it impact if it fails  

  • And the outcome of that failure ranging from nothing to very severe.  

Each of the three values is then scored, that score is multiplied – not visible to the surveyor - so that the findings are calculated in the background without any judgement of the overall status being impacted by emotion. An overall score is finally displayed for each tree. 

The software was developed to be easy to use by any surveyor with all data uploaded into one platform, giving consistency to the results and holding all data in the asset history. 

The Result

Users have a highly defensible record of their tree stock management.

Users of KaarbonTech software integrated with the THREATS risk framework are now provided with highly defensible evidence for decisions taken regarding the management of the tree stock. More than a just a judgment call and score, the reason that decision for treatment and the timescales chosen is all captured and recorded for evidence in an easy-to-use and view platform.  


Combining THREATS data within the Tree SMART software improves consistency with our customer's risk-based approach.

Mark Entwistle, Managing Director, KaarbonTech,

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