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The Problem

Contractors' quality of gully cleansing

Kent County Council wanted assurance that contractors were delivering a quality gully cleansing service.

Kent County Council wanted to ensure that the quality of the gully cleansing programme was being provided to a high standard with the gully pots being thoroughly cleansed and recharged,  and commissioned kaarbonTech to carry out an audit to verify this.  

Our Approach

Thorough audit of gully cleansing service

KaarbonTech conducted an audit of the service to ensure it was being carried out thoroughly.

Kent County Council (KCC) who works closely with KaarbonTech concerning its gully programmes, asked us to audit the quality of its contracted-out gully cleansing service.  

At the start of the project, we inspected the condition and available capacity of a sample of 200 gullies each month, across the 12 districts of the KCC network.  

The audit considered the thoroughness, quality and quantity of work undertaken including,  

  • the productivity of the crews,  

  • the average time between each gully visited   

  • whether jetting was required,  

  • the capacity of each gully pot after a cleanse,  

  • if the gully had been recharged correctly 

  • and that the information on any defects found, was accurately recorded, in the gully SMART software. 

We reported back to KCC on the previous month’s findings each month. 

The Result

Improvement in the standard and consistency of gully cleansing.

A significant improvement in the quality of service being delivered has been realised. Progress against programme has been increasing year on year. With the ability to analyse the monthly statistics over a two-year period, there has been a great improvement, rising from an approximate average pass rate of 65% in 2021 to 97% in 2022. Additionally, the vastly improved quality performance reporting has assisted KCC in its drainage programme management.  

The thorough inspections are no longer necessary, and Kent County Council can trust that the standard of the work being conducted by its contractors is of high quality. 


Kent supports its contractors to provide top-notch service and remains involved in assisting them.

Graeme Forward, Technical Operations Manager, KaarbonTech,

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