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Digitising Historic CCTV Survey Footage and Asset Data


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The Problem

Uncertain accuracy of drainage survey data

There was uncertainty over the accuracy of existing drainage survey data on Wigan A roads.

A review and cleanse of old CCTV gully survey data became necessary when there was some doubt over the accuracy of the footage captured from surveys taken of Wigan A roads. 

The validity of the data was in question as only a limited number of videos had been uploaded into the system where many more would be expected.  

In particular, the accuracy of the correctly associated channel was crucial and there was a need to increase the number of surveys to be uploaded.  

Accurate information was essential to inform the cleansing programme.  

Our Approach

Standardised data collection and CCTV integration

A comprehensive overhaul of existing data, surveys and CCTV footage set a new standard for data collection and storage in the KaarbonTech system.

A desktop exercise was initiated to cross-reference XMLs held on hard drives and servers to establish disparities. With 2044 CCTV surveys found on the hard drive yet 708 were uploaded into the KaarbonTech system, further investigation highlighted the problem.  

CCTV screen references and the length of video captured identified several issues, each requiring different methods to rectify them.  

Just a few of these involved: 

  • Replacement of nodes to the correct ones and old videos re-processed and uploaded.  

  • Renaming jobs where duplication of project names had taken place 

  • Moving video from hard drive to KaarbonTech servers 

  • Conversion of old video for multi-browser viewing 

CCTV surveys had also not been completed in tandem with the collection of the asset data. Where long roads changed names along the stretch, different teams also recorded data differently.  

A very detailed project overhauled the majority of what data could be found to standardise the way in which it was displayed, and the CCTV footage uploaded into the KaarbonTech system.  

The Result

Enhanced CCTV surveys inform drainage maintenance

With an additional 1,000 CCTV surveys added during the project, Wigan has meaningful data on which to set its gully programme.

The clean-up project provided nearly 1,000 additional CCTV surveys of Wigan A roads giving the authority robust data to inform their drainage maintenance programme.  

WinCan has set the standard for CCTV surveillance. Data is collected and recorded in a consistent manner using the KaarbonTech system and the authority has full confidence in its new drainage asset data.  


Wigan now have meaningful data, to better target resources moving forward.

Alan Williams, Project Manager, KaarbonTech,

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