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CCTV Revolutionising Drainage Data


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The Problem

Inefficient drainage data storage and retrieval

Local authorities are seeking improved methods for storing and retrieving data relating to drainage programmes.

When using CCTV to investigate drainage problems, councils do not necessarily have the facility to link the new data to its existing records. 

In the event of an issue such as a collapsed drain or system blockage causing flooding, the ability to act quickly, to resolve the problem, is key.  

Inevitably someone has the task of searching through endless paperwork followed by on-site visits to identify the problem, which is unnecessary, time-consuming and inefficient.  

Our Approach

Integrated software consolidates drainage data efficiently

KaarbonTech conducted CCTV surveys and linked new footage, with its existing data, to create a full inventory of its drainage asset, bringing it together in one easy to access platform.

KaarbonTech software was designed to fully integrate with other systems. To incorporate all drainage data sets, the pipeline surveys were collected in Wincan, imported to the asset in Gully SMART and stored in the asset history.

We then correlated the length of the pipeline, known in our system, with the calibrated meterage in the survey, to display markers for each defect. Those markers were then used as bookmarks from which to play videos, extract photos or share defects with other systems.  

The Result

Improved response, seamless access, pinpointed defects

With a clear picture of its drainage asset and its condition, councils were able to respond faster to any drainage related problems.

With CCTV survey footage added to the existing data, access to the information was seamless.  

Defects can be pinpointed geographically on the map and video footage can be viewed on-site by gully crews on their PDAs.  

Surveys showing pipeline position and gradients can identify potential surface water flooding areas.  

Office users of Gully SMART can easily extract stills of the defects from any survey footage. Users can produce and save photo-rich, interactive pdf reports, with each section linked to the CCTV survey footage.
Integrating CCTV technology with existing data has vastly improved the accessibility of combined data. With this integration, councils and contractors can quickly and easily access drainage data, providing a clearer understanding of the condition of the network. This has revolutionised the way in which councils can work, enabling more efficient and effective maintenance of the drainage system.  


Combining maintenance data with CCTV footage enhances drainage condition analysis, for improved work programmes.

Leigh Harris, Project Manager, KaarbonTech,

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