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Gully Pot Capacity Recorded using the new Silt Slider


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The Problem

Inaccurate gully data hinders programming

Little confidence in the accuracy of gully data for effective programming.

For councils to ensure they are taking the most effective risk-based approach to their cyclical gully cleansing programme, they need to have complete confidence in their data.They were looking for the most reliable way to accurately record the level of silt held in each gully pot across their network.The question for the gully crew was, how do you judge what is half full/full? Everyone has a different view.Where authorities use multiple gully crews and subcontractors for gully cleansing, there was little consistency in the all-important data on which to calculate risk.

Our Approach

Visual tool enhances accurate silt recording

Visually displaying accurate silt levels in Gully SMART enhances accurate recording.

Gully pot silt levels are measured during the cleansing programme. Each gully pot is dipped with a rod and a view taken of the measurement of silt is recorded in Gully SMART. KaarbonTech wanted to make the accuracy of recording for the gully crews as simple as possible and therefore created the Silt Slider. The Silt Slider is unique to KaarbonTech – a visual tool to represent the amount of silt in each gully pot. The gully operative simply moves the slider up and down creating a pictorial image of the silt level held in the pot. Gully SMART converts this image to the nearest quartile to provide an accurate picture of the state of each gully. The Silt Slider removes the responsibility of the gang to make a judgement call and improves the accuracy and consistency of the data recorded.

The Result

Improved gully programs with standardised data

Risk based gully programmes can be developed using more reliable standardised data.

The Silt Slider has standardised the recording of silt levels across all authorities using Gully SMART. This is particularly useful where subcontractors are employed to carry out cleansing across county boundaries where the method of measurement differs between networks. Being a visible tool, the gangs find the Silt Slider easier to record their findings accurately. The cyclical cleansing programme can now be based on reliable data.


The silt slider ensures accurate silt level records are collected, particularly when multiple gangs are involved.

Alan Williams, Project Manager, KaarbonTech,

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