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Rainfall Data Refines Gully Programmes


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The Problem

Insufficient rainfall data hampers drainage management

Councils do not necessarily understand the impact of rainfall on their drainage systems.

Many councils do not have a clear understanding of the impact of rainfall on their drainage systems at any one time. To ensure that councils are providing the very best possible service for their residents and motorists, they are looking for enhanced data to support the gully cleansing programme. Being able to understand the impact of the amount of rainfall on the drainage network at any one time would greatly improve the speed of operation for the gully crews. Programmers are looking for even better ways to streamline the service by attending the right place at the right time to reduce highway flooding.

Our Approach

Integrating IoT rainfall data for insights

IoT rainfall data is uploaded into Gully SMART to provide even more information for programmers.

KaarbonTechs intuitive software connects with data from other IoT sources. Using data from the nearest environment agency (EA) sensors to each individual gully, the teams can see live and historic rainfall data at each gully location. Where gullies have silt or water level sensors installed, the KaarbonTech software correlates the readings with the rainfall data, to build a clear picture of demand and flow, and the impact this has on the drainage network.

The Result

Enhanced gully cleansing with intelligent data

A risk-based approach to gully cleansing is further enhanced with additional Smart data.

Office-based staff can now create their programme on intelligent data to ensure the service delivered is based on need. By using Gully SMART, the crews are already able to provide a risk-based proactive approach but additionally having access to the rainfall data ensures that those gullies taking the greatest impact can be cleansed more regularly to reduce highway flooding.


Our customers benefit by understanding the impact of rainfall accross the highway network.

Graeme Forward, Technical Operations Manager, KaarbonTech,

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