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The Problem

Grass cutting teams wanted to reduce time spent on inspections and spend more time mowing.

Grass cutting teams wanted to reduce time spent on inspections and spend more time mowing.

Inspecting multiple areas in one vicinity is a time-consuming and repetitive job for grass-cutting crews and regularly slows their work down. Where the grass-cutting requirements in one area are similar, gangs were aiming to reduce the amount of time spent inspecting and being able to get on with their work. Grass-cutting teams are traditionally continuously moving so any distractions from the task at hand were reducing productivity.

Our Approach

Multi-select tool developed for Grass SMART

Working with stakeholders and listening to their requests, KaarbonTech took the initiative and developed an option in the Grass SMART software to multi-select sites. They realised that some grass cuts were repetitive tasks and so tailored the software to allow those sites with similar inspection requirements to be multiply chosen, which enabled the gangs to carry on cutting rather than stop inputting data at each site.This approach enables the gang to choose multiple sites on one interactive map selecting the same type of asset which relates to all sites, then picking the multi-inspect option. This enables the operative to carry out one inspection which relates to all sites, which is then duplicated across each of the cuts.

The Result

Efficient gangs increase productivity and satisfaction

For comparable sites in one area, gangs can keep the blades turning uninterrupted.

Precious working time is improved by the crews being able to multi-select inspection sites. This is particularly favoured by operatives as they can get on with their work without interruption. The operation has been optimised at sites with similar requirements. Output has increased and the operatives are much happier - and a happy workforce is a productive one.


The Grass SMART multi-select tool saves crew's time on paperwork, allowing them to focus on mowing

Leigh Harris, Project Manager, KaarbonTech,

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