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Digitising Private Roads


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The Problem

Lack of clarity on public highways

Kent County Council wanted to define public highway extents and make this information obvious to its maintenance crews.

Kent County Council wanted to ensure its revenue budget was being wisely managed. It needed an accurate record of its public highway asset. The line between public highways and privately owned roads was always not obvious to the crews on site. The ownership of private roads are held at the street gazetteer level, but not visible to crews in the field. This meant the crew could potentially come upon a road, see there are no assets registered there and then add and maintain assets which could be outside the maintenance responsibility of the local authority. Once added those assets would be in the system and the ongoing maintenance would continue.

Our Approach

Private road data integrated for differentiation

Privately owned roads data was lifted from the street gazetteer and made available to crews in the KaarbonTech system.

Using OS Mastermap the KaarbonTech team was able to take the centreline data and extract the road polygon that encompassed any private road lines. The polygons were then added to the software to allow visible differentiation between those roads which were highway responsibility and non-highway-maintained roads. The crews could then see private roads highlighted on their device. The polygon layer was added to the system to enable office-based staff to view and remove assets that had been added on private roads. Also, no new assets would then be added at these locations.

The Result

Effective budget protection through targeted maintenance

No budget was wasted as only highway-owned assets were maintained by the crews.

Clear ownership of a road and its assets were made obvious to the maintenance crews on their PDAs by using coloured markers. The precious highway maintenance revenue budget was protected from waste on the maintenance of private roads and assets on them.


Digitising private roads avoided KCC wasting budget on unmaintainted roads.

Graeme Forward, Technical Operations Manager, KaarbonTech,

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