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Risk Modelling for Smart Drainage Management


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The Problem

Inefficient drainage management for councils

Councils were under pressure to provide a more cost-effective drainage management services, for efficient flood management.

With highway flooding an ever-increasing problem, councils are looking for ways to manage the highway drainage asset more effectively. The old ways of cyclical management and maintenance needed to be replaced with data-led decision making, for cost savings and efficiency. KaarbonTech developed Risk SMART to address these challenges.

Our Approach

Efficient risk-based gully cleansing approach

Using state-of-the-art risk modelling software, KaarbonTech provided data, to support a risk-based approach to gully cleansing.

Risk SMART is a state-of-the-art risk modelling system to help local authorities take a comprehensive, risk-based approach to their highway drainage management. KaarbonTech software is designed to identify geospatial data sets, that provide crucial information for managing risk, to effectively shape the programme. Information, including road hierarchy and demand, collision sites, flood zones and IoT, is then combined with gully condition data, to accurately measure risk. The results are compiled and presented in an interactive matrix, allowing for individuals or groups of gullies to be assigned different cleansing schedules, based on their level of vulnerability to risk. Programmes are created to provide efficient proactive maintenance, based on actual needs. At the click of a button, the results of any programme changes can be assessed, and ongoing management amended accordingly.With its simple, intuitive interface, and clear data visualisation, Risk SMART is easy to use, producing comprehensive and engaging visual reports.

The Result

Improved drainage programme efficiency through Risk SMART

Councils can now make evidence-based cost-saving changes to their highway drainage programme.

Risk SMART has transformed the way councils can profile, compare, and manage risk on their drainage network. They now have a clear understanding of network vulnerability and the ability to make evidence-based, cost-effective changes to their maintenance programmes. The highway authority can provide evidence-based reports, to assist politicians in the budget decision-making process.


Risk SMART enables effective management of highway drainage assets, moving councils from reactive to proactive approaches

Mark Entwistle, Managing Director, KaarbonTech,

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