KaarbonTech Webinar – The principals of good asset management

KaarbonTech will be hosting a webinar supported by LCRIG on the 9th November at 11am.


The principals of good asset management – How useful is data for drainage management?

In this series of webinars, we look at the principals of asset management for different elements of the highway. Local authorities are constantly expected to achieve more for less. There is a vast difference between how local authorities use data, allocate budget and communicate between stakeholders. Our first event will focus on drainage and how data is being used to work smarter and uncover ideas for a risk-based approach to gully cleaning.

KaarbonTech provide asset management software and services to more than 60 Local Authorities. A series of white papers, operational guides and industry research have been produced to help Local Authorities work smarter.

What tech you will need to access?

An internet connected device capable of video and sound.

Who should attend?

Asset, operational and strategic managers that are responsible for the maintenance of assets in the highway.

Speaker Bio

Kristian Fields – Operations Director, Flowline

Kristian Fields has a wealth of experience in tier one operational management. He has overseen contract mobilisations as Operations Manager on the Surrey Highways contract as well as within Lincolnshire Highways.

Focusing on the management of drainage cleansing within his tier one roles, Kristian then moved to the contracting side of the industry as the director of operations at Flowline Ltd. He has a wealth of experience in industry operational software platforms, with great insight into the benefits and pitfalls of each. 

Flowline carry out gully cleaning, pipeline jetting and CCTV surveying for local authorities and advise on minor civil excavation and repairs.

Kathryn Moreton – Head of Highway and Transport, Walsall Council

Joining Kent County Council as a Graduate in 2009, Kathryn moved into drainage and flooding management where she managed the budgets and processes for highway drainage maintenance, repairs and capital improvements. In 2015 her role broadened to include highway structures and a leading role in defining the authorities wider approach to asset management and the implementation of Well-managed Highway Infrastructure. After joining Walsall Council as a group manager for highways in 2019 Kathryn soon became the Head of Highways & Transport.

Managing a maintenance approach through direct labour, tier one organisations and subcontractors gave Kathryn a broad picture of the benefits of communication and good planning. Drainage has always been a special interest for Kathryn, and she has experienced many different approaches and differing technologies throughout her roles.

Mark Entwistle – Founder and Managing Director, KaarbonTech

Prior to KaarbonTech, Mark spent 10 years managing local authority contracts for a national drainage contractor. Over this time he saw the benefits of asset management and geospatial planning and followed the DfT drive for innovative approaches.

Having had exposure to most of the software products on the market he realised that the opportunities for the sector were not being supported by adequate technology. Mark says “So many software products failed to deliver because they didn’t understand the mindset of highways workers and the challenges the industry faces”.

This was the catalyst to start KaarbonTech and build a software product wrapped around the local authority market and the way complex assets like drainage are managed. Today KaarbonTech is central to the management of drainage planning in over 60 authorities, representing more than 40% of the local authority highways network in England . KaarbonTech, also provide innovative highway asset management technology for many different applications in the highway.

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