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Grit Bin Software

Built to deal with the complexities of grit bin maintenance.

Using Grit Bin Software

Software Features:

Allows you to manage the service in less time
Highlights new efficiency improvements
Improves communications between the office and the field
Presents data in a simple format for decision making.
Helps you to monitor KPI’s easily
Protects the authority against litigation claims

Grit Bin Sensors

Grit bin sensors enhance the winter maintenance plan, accurately measuring salt levels and linked to a map for visualisation as well as providing email, text or call notifications. 

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Grit Bin Management
“It does what it says on the tin, it’s the best one out there."
Alan Carver
Wigan Council
"If there's a better system then I haven’t seen it."
Mark Harriman
Tarmac, Walsall
"Surrey Council saved £50k in its first year. We anticipate seeing further savings.”
Tony Casey
Surrey County Council Highways

Why KaarbonTech?

The only system that monitors bin interference from the general public
Unique reporting tailored to the complexities of grit bin inspection and maintenance
Automatic program management and risk scoring
Designed with operational experience of managing grit bin stocks
Integration with sensor technology for live data updates

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