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Case Study: Leeds City Council

Securing additional funding with KaarbonTech Asset Management systems.

The Problem
Leeds City Council wanted to provide a clear case for additional funding from the Department for Transport to replace and repair its road gullies.
The Approach
Utilising KaarbonTech systems, the software allowed the council to assess remedial valuations across key routes in the network.
The Outcome
In 2017, Leeds was successful in its bid for drainage resilience funding.
“Having confidence in the accuracy of the data and a system that reports against high risk or prioritised areas allows us to make swift decisions. Rectifying these problems sooner provides the public with better value for money and minimises flood risk.”
Tony Penniston
Senior Engineer, Leeds City Council

The Problem

Leeds City Council manages over 146,000 gullies and runs 5 gully crews day and night to maintain the network. To improve this service and manage their drainage assets better they went through a tender exercise in 2015 to source a software system that could help deliver a risk-based cleansing regime.

Leeds Council proposed to replace or repair road drainage gullies in flooding hotspots on the West Yorkshire Key Route Network or at locations where homes were at risk of flooding to provide greater drainage capacity and make gullies easier to clear in the event of blockage, reducing the impact and likelihood of flooding. Work ahead of schedule

The Approach

KaarbonTech were awarded the contract and Leeds Council has been collecting valuable information about the position and condition of the network.

The software allowed the council to review and assess remedial valuations across key routes and present a clear case for additional funding from the DfT.

In August 2017 the DfT announced the successful bids for Tranche 2a of the Challenge Fund. A joint bid by Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds was awarded £2,034,000 for drainage resilience. The Leeds element of the award was for £336,000.

The Outcome

Additional funding is targeted at improving local road condition and delivering better journeys by improving the flood resilience of the network. This meets some of the objectives of the Best Council Plan 2017 by reducing the likelihood of flooding and keeping the roads open.

Defective gullies are, at best, inefficient and potentially unserviceable, leading to flooding events, which often prove more difficult to resolve due to the various faults.

“Leeds Council is one of a growing number of customers who are realising the benefit of accurate condition data.”
Doug Maxted
Account Manager, KaarbonTech