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Poor Productivity

Political and contractual restraints can lead to poor productivity but we often overlook another more obvious factor.

For many authorities, the biggest cost is the workforce and their vehicles. Any needless downtime means those costs stack up.

Think about teams waiting for instructions, large plant engines running and telemetry software restarts. All these all add up. Improving this by just 20 minutes a day can have a huge financial effect across the network as a whole.

Drive productivity and reduce costs

Get more from the team
In multiple areas, crew productivity has improved by 50%
Drive proactive cleaning regimes
86% of customers have shifted to a proactive maintenance regime within two years
Heavy cost reductions
Using more meaningful data, our systems can reduce workforce and vehicle costs by £thousands
Creating motivated workforces
Less downtime means a more motivated field workforce which improves productivity
Time allocation reduction
One city council reduced their inspection time from 14 hours to less than 1 hour per week
Better asset data saves time
71% of customers felt abortive visits had been reduced through knowing more about asset restrictions
"Since implementing KaarbonTech, crew productivity has improved by 50%."
Steve Thornley
Operations Manager, Coventry Council
“KaarbonTech’s simple user interfaces has helped improved performance and productivity."
Dr Steve Ovington
Head of Business Development, OnSite
“Using Gully SMART has seen a clear improvement in productivity from our field teams.”
Mark Ellerington
Business Development Director, Flowline

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