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Can’t Afford to Manage Assets

For many authorities, the austerity cuts came before they had a chance to reduce wastage, leaving some with almost no resource to physically manage assets.

So how can you maintain a complex network with a diminishing budget?

The simple answer is to use data to identify and prioritise need. Many systems have promised this but never delivered.

How can you trust the right system to help you get on the front foot?

Do more with better data

Reduce unnecessary visits
Our software has been shown to reduce reactive and abortive visits by up to 62%
Secure more funding
Our systems helped one city authority to secure a £333,000 budget allocation from the DfT for asset management
Identify savings
Another authority was able to re-allocate an additional £1M to their drainage maintenance budget over 3 years
Smarter data = effective maintenance
Save you time and money on your existing regime; smarter data helps reduce unnecessary maintenance and travel costs
Reduced compensation claims
Accurate reporting of how drains have been maintained over time and their current condition can help prevent or defend costly compensation claims
KaarbonTech or ESRI systems
We can provide starter systems to full blown operational management systems.
"Information KaarbonTech provides allows us to focus resources more accurately."
David Sheard
Cumbria Council
“The intelligence gained enables us to objectively reduce the frequency of cleaning."
John Roseblade
Highways & Environment, Walsall Council
“It does what it says on the tin, it’s the best one out there."
Alan Carver
Wigan Council

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