Streamlining Surveying Processes with Advanced Software

Date 18.09.2023
Category Software

Unlocking Efficiencies Through Innovation 

By harnessing advanced software tools, we have streamlined surveying processes to unlock efficiencies, enabling us to deliver faster, more accurate and cost-effective results. Our innovative software solutions are reshaping the surveying industry, with a particular focus on grit bin surveying, tree inventory and defect surveys, drainage and gully surveying. 

Grit Bin Surveying: Know Your Usage 

Our grit bin surveying solution provides a comprehensive understanding of your grit bin usage. On average, we find that 60% of highway authority grit bins are visited unnecessarily, in an attempt to fill, leading to wasted time and resources. With our software, we provide accurate data on grit bin usage, helping you to ensure efficient allocation of resources. Find out more about our Grit SMART solution. 

Tree Inventory and Defect Surveys: Striking the Balance 

Our tree inventory and defect surveys combine the right tools and techniques to strike the balance between detail and speed. Whether it's driven, aerial, or walked surveys, our expert team employs advanced software tools to gather precise data on tree inventory and identify any defects. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding tree management, ensuring the safety and health of your tree population. Find out more about our Tree SMART solution. 

Drainage Connectivity Surveys: Pinpointing Pipe Defects 

With our pipe CCTV and connectivity surveys, we provide unparalleled accuracy in pinpointing pipe defects and offering remedial recommendations. Our software integrates mapping data and survey results, providing comprehensive reports that enable you to focus your resources on the most critical areas. This strategic approach ensures effective maintenance and management of your drainage systems. Find out more about our Gully SMART solution. 

Gully Surveying: Cost-Neutral Approach 

Our gully surveying service is designed to be cost-neutral, offering you an independent inventory creation, silt level measurement, and condition surveying. By starting with a risk-based approach, we provide you with valuable insights into the condition of your gullies, allowing you to prioritise maintenance efforts and allocate resources where they are most needed. Our advanced software streamlines the surveying process, ensuring accurate data collection and efficient analysis. Find out more about Gully Surveying.

At KaarbonTech, we are committed to delivering exceptional surveying services through innovative software solutions. Whether it's grit bin surveying, tree inventory and defect surveys, drainage connectivity surveys, or gully surveying, our advanced tools and expertise enable us to streamline processes and unlock efficiencies. Our services offer valuable insights, allowing you to optimise resource allocation and make informed decisions to enhance your highway asset management. By collaborating with KaarbonTech you can streamline your surveying processes and unlock greater efficiencies.