Data Innovation: Unlocking the Potential of Data Insights 

Date 12.10.2023
Category Data Innovation: Unlocking the Potential of Data Insights 
Author Lucy Warman

Turning Data into Utility 

In our ‘age of data’, the ability to harness its power is transforming our understanding of the world. At KaarbonTech, we go beyond being a software provider – we're committed to the intricate blend of art and science that is data utilisation, aimed at empowering local authorities. Our suite of SMART solutions forms the foundation of our mission to help organisations optimise their resources and drive efficiencies.  

Our core belief lies in the inherent value of data. It's not just raw information; it's the key to unlocking efficiency, sustainability, and improved community outcomes. This is why we've established a dedicated digital insights team, working diligently to dissect the data collected through our field apps, transforming it into tangible, real-world solutions. 

Using our Gully SMART system, councils' risk-score their entire gully inventory by combining their own data with a myriad of other data sets, allowing them to build up a clear picture of how to prioritise their network. Based on this scoring, we generate cleaning programmes that ensure crew time is spent when and where it’s needed most. This drives down carbon emissions and makes money go further. 

However, we don't stop at the surface level. We are continually exploring diverse data sources and innovative processes to expand our understanding of the environments, networks, and assets we support. We’re also looking into ways we can present and visualise data that makes decision making quicker and simpler.  

So, what's in the pipeline? We’re dedicating October to data, and during this ‘Data Month’, we will be exploring how we are pursuing new paths in the industry and highlighting some notable innovation projects. 

A Vision of Road Safety 

Government safety regulations dictate where grass and hedges should be maintained to ensure driver visibility at junctions and bends. Although the guidance may seem clear, applying the rules in real-life situations can be complex. Using a new, innovative method, we simplify this intricate process by digitising guidelines, providing ground crews with clear instructions of what actions they need to take. This ensures road safety without unnecessary habitat disruption. 

Shining the Light on LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 

In an era where climate change and net-zero initiatives take centre stage, understanding the locations and health of trees is paramount for local authorities. We are pioneering a process that uses LiDAR, an accessible data set covering most of England, to pinpoint publicly managed trees. This innovative approach allows councils with little or no historical tree data access to a complete, instantaneous inventory of trees in their area, all without a surveyor needing to leave the house.  

Our journey, however, doesn't end here. We are also delving deeper into investigative work, exploring what LiDAR can teach us about how slopes can influence the level of silt accumulation in drainage systems and cause blockages.  

Understanding our Environment 

As well as seeking insight from other sources, we also want to use our ever-increasing datasets to help build the bigger picture. Our systems are tuned to detect threats to our tree populations, such as Dutch Elm Disease and the Oak Processionary Moth, allowing for nationwide tracking of pathogen movement and progression. We further make use of our repository of tree species, sizes, and ages to estimate potential losses, including considerations like carbon sequestration, shading, and habitat preservation. This work coincides with ongoing efforts by Kew Gardens and other similar organisations. Our data-driven approach extends the lead time before measures need to be implemented, giving the authority time to replace and invest in hardier species. 

Innovation through Insight 

Our commitment at KaarbonTech is to assisting organisations in optimising their performance through data-driven decisions. We are not just about software; we're about pioneering new horizons in data application. Our dedication is clear: to harness data as a force for positive change and empower local authorities to build a more sustainable future for their communities. 

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