helping you collect, analyse and action data

Expert advice to improve tree stock management

We take everything there is to know about your tree network and turn it into a clear and frictionless, actionable plan for you to follow.


We understand where to look.

We are used to working through the data archives of a local authority and are up to speed on the external data available to help optimise tree management. From derived data extracted via LiDAR to urban density, inspections to complaints. Great research enables a more focused approach to network management.


We see things others don't.

Our industry expertise, understanding of geospatial data and flow of information from public to field enables us to identify opportunities that others miss. We help local authorities to adopt a risk based approach and improve service standards.


Statistic led reporting

Our reports are detail led, extracting measurements, predictions and quantifying costs. By documenting these in clear, concise reports and producing actionable, frictionless plans you can take action now, not later.

Why KaarbonTech

Extract insights - Understand your tree network better

Maintain and develop stakeholder trust, reduce risk and plan smarter with our knowledge and holistic approach to tree management.

We'll help you move forwards


We provide intuitive, accurate and integrated data collection tools that empower authorities to make better decisions,


We help highway authorities understand their data by building robust, data-driven models for a risk-based maintenance approach


We have a wealth of highway maintenance knowledge. Let's help you unlock opportunities across your entire infrastructure.

Why Kaarbon Tech

Save time and money with KaarbonTech’s solutions

Develop Powerful Strategies

Data doesn’t interpret itself, work with specialists that understand data and explain how to use it.

Insights Change Everything

We see things others don’t, highlight what’s broken but tell you exactly how to fix it.

Secure Budgets

Improve efficiency and demonstrate savings while protecting budgets.

Eternal Enthusiasm

The problems we face provide the opportunity to learn and create.

Build Confidence

Maintain and develop stakeholder trust with our knowledge and holistic approach.

Frictionless Impact

Use insight to end bureaucracy, cut through red-tape and mobilise action.

News, stories and insights

Eliminate Risk. Enable Action.