Sewer Management Software

Sewer Management Software

Defining Drainage Ownership & Reducing Flood Risks

CIHT Asset Management Award Winner 2019

Sewer SMART management software features:

Water Authority Networks & Asset mapping and management.

System was developed with a simple push button export for Esri Shape, Google Earth or AutoCAD.

Improves communications between the utilities and other stakeholders.

Presents data in a simple format for decision making.

Aids in identifying drainage or land ownership thus improving repair time and cost reductions.

Innovation shared as best practice and operational on numerous water authority networks.

Are you a contractor in the business to business market?

Before KaarbonTech, a simple request could take a day to compile. Now it takes minutes.

Andrew Mollon

North Tyneside Council

If there's a better system then I haven't seen it.

Mark Harriman

Tarmac, Walsall

It does what it says on the tin, it's the best one out there.

Alan Carver

Wigan Council

Why KaarbonTech?

The only bespoke sector system built for authorities and water & sewerage providers.

Unique reporting based on unique sector needs.

Automatic program management and risk scoring.

Genuinely integrates with third party systems.

Used by over 35% of local authorities in England.

Designed and supported by those with direct sector experience.

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"Quick wins and long-term planning" managing assets better.