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Gully Management Software

There's a reason why our software is used by more than 35% of all local authorities

Gully SMART is used in over 50 networks across the country, representing more than 35% of the drainage infrastructure

CIHT Asset Management Award

We have countless case studies and success stories of it’s use, in supporting local authorities reduce flood risk and drive efficiencies.

Our risk modelling tools support every aspect of the new well maintained highways code of practice for drainage. Speak to us to see how you could increase your maintenance budget.

Includes a suite of KPI dashboards showing network size and condition, cleansing performance against program, outstanding defects and more.

All dashboards are graphical and interactive. This means results can be displayed on the map, exported, printed or allocated to crews at the click of a button.

Our software overview video above shows more on these. You can also run a KPI generator on any work package or report you run, converting results to graphical charts, all within your browser.

Gully SMART has an unmatched integration with all versions of Wincan CCTV pipeline survey software.

Data is imported and allocated to each pipeline surveyed automatically. Defects are geographically marked against the surveyed pipeline for a greater understanding of the remediation type required.

All defect information and CCTV footage can be displayed on the map, within reports or passed live to other GIS systems. All users have access to the same video footage and defect information while working in the field. Reviewing and sharing this information inside or outside our software has never been easier which leads to a quicker rectification time for defects.

A true risk-based approach is more than just categorising a high, medium or low status.

We combine geographic data with usage, history, condition and defect data to model your network requirements more accurately than any other system. By displaying live risk levels against historical ones, clear interfaces show network improvement or decline at a glance.

Our risk matrix simplifies adjusting cleansing regimes and working with large data sets. Risk groups can be extracted, reported, edited or allocated to teams in seconds.

For more information on managing risk click HERE and for defining risk click HERE

Integrate your asset, inspection and defect data with other CRM, HIAMS or GIS platforms with ease.

Data from Gully SMART can be passed by Web Feature Service, automatic export to FTP locations, shape file, CAD or CSV transfer. We can tailor any export configuration to match your existing systems and transfer live, daily or weekly data.

Integrating defect information allows seamless transfer of complaints to field crews and back. Automatic status changes of allocated, attempted, further work required and resolved, allow clear updates to be communicated back to the public.
All defect records, actions and supporting narrative are held in the asset along with other inspection history. This helps when risk profiling your network.

We have installed sensors on multiple networks across the country. Could sensor technology work for you ?

Sensors allow a live view of water levels for the most vulnerable gullies to assist with a proactive clean.

Data can be viewed within the Gully SMART interface or via other platforms. Sensor reporting can also include email, telephone or SMS notifications, warning sign updating.

For more information Culvert and Gully Sensors

Gully asset management software

Gully SMART management software features:

Allows you to manage drainage gully assets in less time
Highlights new efficiency improvements
Improves communications between the office and the field
Presents data in a simple format for decision making.
Helps you to monitor KPI’s easily
Protects the authority against litigation claims

Are you a contractor in the business to business market?

Flooding And Drainage Sensors

Sensors for culverts, gullies, access covers and sewers monitor blockages and water levels. Live status updates allow maintenance to be planned accordingly, visiting only those sites that require attention. Flood alerts and warnings are triggered at an agreed, pre-set level. Click the button below for more information.

Culverts, gullies, access covers and sewers
“Before KaarbonTech, a simple request could take a day to compile. Now it takes minutes.”
Andrew Mollon
North Tyneside Council
"If there's a better system then I haven’t seen it."
Mark Harriman
Tarmac, Walsall
“It does what it says on the tin, it’s the best one out there."
Alan Carver
Wigan Council

Why KaarbonTech?

The only bespoke sector system built for authorities
Unique reporting based on unique sector needs
Automatic program management and risk scoring
Genuinely integrates with third party systems
Used by over 35% of local authorities in England
Designed and supported by those with direct sector experience

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