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Gully Management Services

Market leading productivity, ensuring swift results for small or large drainage surveys or gully only surveys

Field worker inspecting drainage gully

Our services include:

Condition and silt level surveying
Accurate gully inventory creation using driven, aerial or walked surveys
Gully cleaning and maintenance
Advice on network management
Data digitisation
Data quality checking
Tender specification
DfT funding
"Surveying of the gully network was completed efficiently. KaarbonTech’s analysis of data allowed us to focus resources better."
Mike Purcell
Highway Technical Manager, Wigan Council
"The drainage survey you completed was the highest standard we have received on the network."
Dan Squibb
Surrey Highways
"We're extremely satisfied with the standard of data collected. The length of highway completed exceeded our expectations."
Paul Moon
Dorset County Council

Why KaarbonTech?

Currently working across 40 networks – managing over 5m assets
Market-leading productivity, ensuring swift results
Daily monitoring of survey data
Vast experience of surveying gullies and inventory creation across urban & rural networks
2cm accurate positioning including cover levels

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