Introducing the Network Improvement Report

Date 01.11.2023
Category Announcements
Author LJ Stocks

Having the ability to visualise data in a clear and logical format is essential in order to gain a comprehensive overview of a service and maximise efficient planning. Here at KaarbonTech, we’ve developed a unique, industry-leading report like no other.  

Our Network Improvement Report is tailored to each of our customers, displaying their data in a visual format. Clear images and simple graphics make it easy to understand the data and access in-depth insights at a quick glance, with no training or specialist skill required! This ensures that anyone can see accurate results, with data insights displaying the most useful and interesting information.   

The report includes: 

  • An annual review of gully cleans, jets and inspections 

  • The locations of gullies with the highest silt levels 

  • A breakdown of work by user 

  • How many cleans are being done per month 

  • Recorded access and lid issues with gullies 

  • Service requests and how many are abandoned and still open 

Featured within the report is a bespoke video to guide the customer through their data, offering observations, recommendations and advice to get the best out of their KaarbonTech programme. 

Providing these reports to our customers ensures they have every detail at their fingertips, allowing relevant, efficient planning to take place and giving a tool to allow them to demonstrate successes and challenges to higher management levels. This in turn allows appropriate funding and resource allocation, and keeps contractors accountable for their work.

To view a sample Network Improvement Report, fill out the request form here