The importance of data integrity 

Date 23.10.2023
Category Announcements
Author LJ Stocks

The importance of data integrity 

Evidence-based decision making is crucial to ensure the best, most efficient use of resources. However, this can only be done using reliable, trustworthy data. For example, when carrying out work on the highway, if time stamps can be edited or work information altered, this compromises the integrity of the data, allowing for an untrustworthy audit trail and false results. 

KaarbonTech offers innovative SMART software solutions to help local authorities manage and maintain their highway assets efficiently, using predictive and proactive maintenance programmes. As an independent provider, there is no bias or risk of editing. This ensures data, relied upon so heavily for decision making, is true and auditable.  

Mark Entwistle, Managing Director at KaarbonTech said, “As a third party, here at KaarbonTech our core goal is accurate, honest results. This independence gives peace of mind to our customers, and we can then analyse this data to help make informed decisions. With the amount of actionable data only ever growing, it is essential that it is reliable, consistently collected and stored, and that each of our customers can rest assured of KaarbonTech’s honesty and full support.” 

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