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Tree SMART Arb

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Tree SMART Arb Key features

  • The ability to record tree location and inspection data on site meaning less time is spent in the office
  • Easy to use finger draw tools enable users to add new trees and tree groups
  • Photos and video can be added to each inspection record
  • Meets BS5837 standard
  • Transfer OS MasterMap to the field
  • Accurate RPA & crown representation
  • Add up to 10 photos per asset

Tree SMART Arb – Inspecting trees just got smarter

Is your business ready to grow? Tree SMART Arb survey software is ideal for small and medium size arborists and tree contractor businesses looking to expand and take on larger corporate customers.

The KaarbonTech tree inspection and management system, Tree SMART Arb, enables users to record and access data for both individual and groups of trees using Android and iOS devices.

Tree SMART Arb software from KaarbonTech has been developed by a specialist team with input from private arborists and local authorities.

Tree SMART Arb is Good for Customers

In todays world, clients expect tree reports to be accurate, digitally mapped and to have the ability to cross reference differing data sets.

Tree SMART Arb uses Ordnance Survey GIS data for accuracy and enables users to record and access data using a simple graphical interface.

The software is BS5837 compliant and records the health and vitality of the tree along with its life stage e.g. newly planted, young, semi-mature, over mature or veteran.

Professional reporting tools ensure the production of tree reports with user generated maps and recommendations are easily generated to give to the client.

Tree SMART Arb is Good for Users

We understand that inaccurate locations, poor communication between devices and problematic data cause frustration and impact on efficiency. Our proven system has been designed to be quick, automated and accurate. New users have found it easy to adopt.

Arborists are able to download GIS maps of their specific location, collect and record data wirelessly as they move from one tree to the next across the survey site.

If connectively is poor the software can be updated offline and then uploaded once reconnected.

The software enables survey data to be stored and viewed in OS map formats which makes future work planning and visits quicker and easier. Collected data can be easily shared or exported direct to clients.

The asset history records all visits and remedial work and encourages further work with the same contractor.

Good for the Future

Using Tree SMART Arb software will help your business to grow and position your company to take advance of the digital and mobile age.

“The simplicity of reporting allows us to quickly identify trees in need of maintenance and allocate them to one of the team”.
Simon Penfold - Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council
“I was impressed how automated the process could be. Traditionally devices to collect this information have been clumsy and slow but this was not the case.”
Phil Dye - Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council Principal Tree Consultant
“KaarbonTech have a real handle on the needs of an arborist which shows in the “Tree SMART” system.”
Mr Alan Watson - Arboriculturist, Gloucestershire County Council
“Seeing the software in action it was clear that KaarbonTech really understands the kind of product that customers need.”
Mr Russell Gibbons - Principal Tree Risk Officer, Elmbridge Borough Council
“When Conservation Contractors Ltd were awarded a contract manage tree stock for a national care provider, we explored the various mapping and surveying systems on the market, we were impressed with the Kaarbontech system for its easy of use and without the need to carry different handset and transfer reports.

Daniel our Professional Tree Inspector has found the system and back up straight forward and quick to capture the inspection details. If there is a problem Leigh is always at the end of the phone!”

William Warden - Managing Director, Conservation Contractors

Our Happy Clients

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Brochure Download

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Tree Report Example

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