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Customer Testimonials

Alan Watson
Arboriculturist, Gloucestershire County Council
"KaarbonTech have a real handle on the needs of an arborist which shows in the Tree SMART system."

Alan is responsible for managing the councils trees. He is frequently required to perform tree surveys and produce reports.The council manage approximately 20,000-30,000 trees.
Mark Ellerington
Business Development Director, Flowline
"Using your Gully Smart system has seen a clear improvement in productivity from our field teams – they know we know where they are so the days of the short shifts are a thing of the past! The system has also enabled us to streamline the operational management dramatically. Thanks for all your help and ideas along the way."
David Sheard
Programme Manager, Cumbria County Council
"We have welcomed the forward thinking approach to asset management and the experience that KaarbonTech provide to support this system. KaarbonTech has helped us make the Cumbria drainage network a much more resilient one, and the information you provide allows us to focus resources more accurately."
David Smith
Head of Information Services, Balfour Beatty Living Places
"I would like to thank you for your help with mobilisation of the new contract. The rollout of you software was fast and problem free and enabled us to improve communications with our clients."
Richard Pohribnyj
Highway Asset Manager, Walsall Metropolitan District Council
"I can tell this software has been designed with a team with first-hand drainage maintenance experience. It makes managing operational data simple. I am really impressed with the level of spatial accuracy with which the system maps out the gully locations.”

Richard is a fellow of the Institute of Highway Engineers with over 30 years experience in the construction industry. He manages Walsall Council’s planned and reactive highway maintenance service with an annual contract value in the region of £10M. Richard is also responsible for the development of asset management practices for Walsall’s highway infrastructure which includes carriageways, footways, street furniture, structures, traffic control equipment and such like.

His multidisciplinary team of around 10 staff plan, programme, and deliver carriageway and footway resurfacing schemes. They also undertake routine highway safety inspections and carry out reactive maintenance across the highway network, including cyclic activities such as water course maintenance and gully cleansing.
Ed Bradford
Senior Engineer, Highways Services, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
“It is as easy to use whether in the field or in the office and is a great platform to manage service requests.”

Ed joined Solihull Council in 2009 from consultants WSP and since April 2014 has been responsible for managing the Drainage, Flood Risk Management and Tanker Services section within Highway Services with an overall budget per annum of £560,000.

Day to day, Ed manages 8 members of staff who make up the Tanker Services team and who are responsible for the cleansing of approximately 36,000 gullies and associated pipework across the highway network. The team is made up of 2 admin and supervisory staff and 6 operatives, who have access to 2 jet-vac combination units and a pick up vehicle. The team also operate a cesspool and septic tank service and are also responsible for cleansing numerous trash screens around the Borough.

A strong believer in continuous improvement, Ed quickly realised that the deployment of in-cab technology would allow the Tanker Services team to work more effectively and efficiently. Ed also realised that asset knowledge and understanding could be easily shared between back office staff and operatives working in the field and that ultimately the end customer would be provided with an enhanced service. The deployment of Gully Smart has also led to capacity release within the back office, with seven pieces of paperwork and associated inputting and processing being replaced by automatic reporting tools within the system. Where cleansing information was merely collected in the past and not looked at, the use of the automatic reporting tools within Gully Smart allows Ed to quickly and easily analyse performance of operatives at the click of a button, helping the service in its aim of getting from good to great, in an era where more for less has become standard practice.
Steve Andrews
Operations Manager, Glanville Environmental
“The team have had one days training on the new software before it went live. I have been impressed with the system and the capability of the information we can send to our client, we are now informing them of the location of their assets and silt levels which they have not received in previous years. The system has also reduced the amount of time we now spend collecting information as it is transparent between us and the client.

Improving our transparency to the client while streamlining the operational management of gully cleaning is something we continually aim to improve on."

Steve has worked at Glanville Environmental for seven years as Operations Manager and responsible for all contracts. Overseeing 2 depots and a large staff base and numerous contracts. Steve’s job is varied, from managing asset inspections, civil engineering projects, tankering services and special projects including high pressure water jetting cctv and underwater ROV surveys.
Richard O'Keeffe
Contracts Manager, EM Highways
“The software uses the best of modern technology to deliver an excellent tool for managing gully cleaning.”

Since joining in 2008, Richard has worked his way through operations manager to his current position. This involves managing the Croydon highways contract which started in 2011 on a 4 year basis, with possible extensions for 3 year on year periods. Good service in this sector has already secured 2 years of extension so far. EM Highways are Croydon Council’s principle contractor and carry out all reactive maintenance, schemes works, surfacing, parks & playground inspections, cyclical drainage works, winter maintenance and a 24/7 emergency call out services.

For EM this contract employs is valued at circa £9 million per year and is supported by 13 direct staff, 16 operatives and a large supply chain partner base.
Phil Dye
Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council Principal Tree Consultant (Wooton Tree Consultancy)
“I was impressed how automated the process could be. Traditionally devices to collect this information have been clumsy and slow but this was not the case.”

Phil has been at the council since 2007 and manages tree stocks for the Planning Department and Environment and Community Services including assessing and commenting on planning applications where trees may be affected, advising on Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas, overseeing tree issues on major sites and TPO reviews.

Phil will also get involved with surveying and managing the Council’s tree stock including highways trees, working with voluntary groups to raise the profile of trees in the community and Investigating tree related subsidence
Russell Gibbons
Principal Tree Risk Officer, Elmbridge Borough Council
“The presentation was informative and to the point. Seeing the software in action it was clear that KaarbonTech really understands the kind of product that customers need.”

Russell helps to manage in excess of 700 Hectares of countryside & public amenity open spaces. His role is to deliver the Council’s Corporate Tree Risk Strategy and assist in the provision of a professional arboricultural service to Council Members, Officers, and the Public in respect of all arboricultural matters to the land holding teams within the Council and Planning Services.

Russell has been with the Council for 16 months but working in the arboricultural industry for over 9 years.
John Roseblade
Group Manager, Highways and Environment, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
“As soon as I learned that KaarbonTech is an Ordnance Survey partner I knew that digital mapping content would be precise and robust. My whole team has full confidence in the software.”

John manages all aspects of reactive and cyclical gully cleaning including jetting of connections and reporting defects. Also responsible for pollution control, highway development, engineers and flood risk management and highway maintenance.
John manages in excess of 30 direct staff with a total network length of approximately 530 miles and a value of over £1b. Originally from an Environmental Health/Pollution Control background John has been managing Highway Maintenance for around 4 years and chairs the West Midlands Highway Infrastructure Managers Group (HIMG)
Tony Penniston
Senior Highways Engineer, Leeds Council
"Thank you for coming up to Leeds yesterday to carry out the training. It was both informative and set at the correct level for the two audiences. I would also like to add that I believe the KaarbonTech system to be an excellent product that will assist us to achieve an appropriate cleansing regime for gullies across Leeds.

During the last six months of working both with you and Mark I found your customer service to be excellent by both phone and e-mail with a prompt response to my many e-mails. The developments carried out over this period have been carried out in an efficient and timely manner and the results are a system that is better tailored to the way we work in Leeds. The latest developments have made further improvements in the way we can manage the gully service which will be key if we are to provide an improved service to the residents of Leeds."
Viv Newsam
Operations Manager, Projects Skanska Somerset Highways Contract
“After using your system for a couple of years I feel that your service and software is 1st class. The response to any queries and questions we raise is prompt if not instant! It’s great to see how the software has developed over this time and I look forward to our crews benefitting from your next updates. Keep up the good work.”
Dan Trott
Countywide Routine Works Co-ordinator, Skanska (Devon Highways Contract)
“Your system helps us communicate progress with our customer much easier than before. The guys have adopted the new system surprisingly well which also made deployment easier."

Dan has worked in highway maintenance for over 13 years. He worked his way up the ranks on the Devon highways contract while working for South West Highways and joining Skanska after the recent award of the contract to Skanska. Dan organises programme cyclical highway works throughout Devon and ensures work types are delivered to client policy & report budget progress. His role involves utilising plant & machinery to gain maximum efficiency’s on all work types.

Dan has used a number of software systems designed for the highway maintenance market to assist him extract and implement efficiency, best working practices, respond to FOI requests and defend potential claims while supporting operatives. Dan is very experienced in monitoring asset data being produced and recorded.
Rodger Wood
Contract Manager, Balfour Beatty
“My team was already familiar with using Android and iOS devices which meant introducing the new software was quicker than anticipated. The team at KaarbonTech provided great support which really helped the move across to the new software run smoothly.”

Roger has been with Balfour Beatty in Rochdale for the last 6 years and has a team of 30 staff. Together they manage the reactive and planned maintenance for gully, culvert and footway drainage cleaning & winter maintenance. This covers a road network of 700kms, 1200kms of footways and 45,000 gullies.
Phil Bush
Highway Operations Manager, North Somerset Council
“The reporting of your system is the best I have seen in the industry. Your data has enabled us to improve the level of service we offer to our customers. Any maintenance required on the network can also be identified and rectified quicker.”

Phil has worked for the council since 1996. His team of 12 manage the delivery of planned and reactive highway maintenance work across 1200km of highway, including drainage and Winter Service.

Phil brings almost 30 years of highway maintenance experience to his role and manages budgets exceeding £350k PA.
Mark Harriman
Operations Manager, Lafarge Tarmac
“This software from KaarbonTech delivers the best reporting system I have seen in asset management.”

Mark's role is to work with his client to provide the very best quality and VFM service that we can. This is achieved by working together as a team to drive efficiency and reduced costs while delivering ​on time a quality end product. It is a varied and extremely reactive service that encompasses Highway Maintenance and improvements valued at circa £6 million per year. My 40 strong team manage major scheme work, fast response, Out of Hours cover, Gully emptying and winter gritting.
Ethan Baker
Gully Cleaning Team Member, Walsall Council Highways Team
“I really like the speed and simplicity of the system.”
Phil Perriam
PSP Surveys
“PSP Surveys needed an accurate, cost effective solution to a large rural topographical survey so turned to KaarbonTech to provide this. Working together to manage the job there was excellent and frequent communication to provide a high quality end result. The technical expertise demonstrated was second to none and I was very impressed with the whole experience.
As a Survey company owner to know that I can call on the services of KaarbonTech is a massive help to me as I know the survey will be delivered on time and will be right first time.”

PSP Surveys offers professional land survey solutions throughout the UK. Based in Staffordshire with over 25 years experience, they provide a high accuracy quality service using the latest Leica Instruments and N4ce software.
Simon Penfold
Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council
“The simplicity of reporting allows us to quickly identify trees in need of maintenance and allocate them to one of the team.”

Simon has worked for the council since 2005 and now manages all aspects of tree inspection, maintenance and subcontracting of work.
Rupert Bassadone
“The images provided have been incredibly useful and an absolute asset in the planning for future festivals. The post event service provided by Leigh and his team has made the company approachable and easy to work with. The support provided goes above and beyond.”

Rupert is the head of operations for the Womad music festival. He has worked for Womad for 9 years and is responsible for the event as a whole. Womad is held every July at Charlton Park, Malmesbury. It brings the hottest musicians and inspires new talent from around the world.
Tony Casey
Highways Maintenance Team Leader, Surrey County Council Highways
“I was impressed – within four months of moving across to the KaarbonTech software we had saved £50,000. The impact on cost and efficiency was real and measurable.”

Tony manages all aspects of highway maintenance from winter maintenance to drainage sustainability and schemes. Surrey Highways work in partnership with Kier as their term maintenance contractor. As part of his role Tony oversees the term contract for disciplines he controls. The annual spend within this contract is around £60 million per annum.
Daisi Osibona
Senior Engineer, Network Maintenance, Croydon Council
“The ongoing support and advice has been first class. Mark and his team are friendly and professional to work with and always available.”

Daisi has worked for the council since 1999. He started in Parking Services and in 2001, he joined the Highways Team as a Trainee Traffic Engineer where he has worked on various highway schemes including traffic signals, traffic management measures, cycling, bus stop accessibility etc. In 2010, Daisi became a Senior Engineer and in 2012, he moved to the Network Maintenance Team within Highways. He has responsibility for managing the Drainage Section and this includes maintenance of the Council’s highway drainage assets where the use of the KaarbonTech App has been invaluable, investigating flood incidents and carrying out duties under the Flood and Water Management Act. Daisi has responsibility for managing 2 staff and a budget of approx. £800K
Neil Tomlinson
Senior Highways Manager, Rutland Council
“Using this software has enabled us to put in place proactive management strategies. Every member of the team feels their time is being used more effectively because work is better planned.”

Neil has been with the council since 2007 and worked his way up to a senior manager position at Rutland and manages a direct team of 8 and highway assets spanning more than 550km of highway. The KaarbonTech system is used to manage around 8,000 assets.

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