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Sharing Information

Operations managers are busy people. They need to share accurate data with stakeholders so they can in turn communicate the performance outwards and demonstrate accountability and value for money.

Having to operate with greater transparency means a simple information request can escalate into a political issue if not managed properly.

This grabs the wrong type of headline and can generate negative PR exposure for the authority. Perception of the quality of service may go down even though the teams involved are doing a good job. How can you prevent this from happening?

Share information and improve workflow

Our systems and services have been developed by people who have extensive field experience of working in the sector
Fast improvements
100% of customers felt sharing data had improved with KaarbonTech systems
Reactive ground crews
Efficient CRM captures and passes instructions to ground crews on defects meaning a speedier response to issues
Quicker customer response
Leeds City Council were able to use live status reporting to let customers know exactly they were working on the issue and when it would be complete
Bring in CCTV data
You can integrate WinCan CCTV data into our system so you can visualise the defect information
Share without cost
Share data outside of the system without incurring additional 3rd party license fees
"Simple user interfaces allow us to pass back high quality survey information to all stakeholders wirelessly."
Dr Steve Ovington
Head of Business Development, OnSite
“The reporting is the best I have seen in the industry."
Phil Bush
Highway Operations Manager, North Somerset Council
“KaarbonTech software has revolutionised communication for us.”
Anna Fitzgerald
Asset Manager, Oxfordshire County Council

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