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Innovative Sensors For Highways

IoT Sensors Platform To Transform Your SMART City

IoT sensors are revolutionising highways infrastructure management. Sensors to monitor highways assets are used to collect and transmit data, providing actionable insights for network improvement. Using a range of sensors across the highways network, maintenance operations can be transformed, ensuring work is carried out efficiently, proactively and without wastage.

KaarbonTech works with a number of partners offering a range of sensors specific to different areas of the network. We offer a management service with our SMART software to collect data from these sensors, analyse it and translate it into insights that will improve proactive maintenance, reactive actions and forward planning.

We Can

Advise on the best sensor solution for you
Coordinate installation of sensors
Integrate our software with your existing sensors
Provide a flexible and bespoke service, dependent on your requirements

The Benefits Of Sensors

Live updates – you can see exactly what’s going on around your network without having to deploy crews
Consistent data can be collected from a reliable source, 24 hours a day
Alert systems detect issues and inform for rapid response
Data collected can be used to improve your network

Practicalities of Sensors

Sensor devices are designed for ease of install and use – no additional infrastructure is required. Sensor batteries have a lifespan of up to 10 years, so are low maintenance and durable, withstanding the elements in a strong housing suitable for their surroundings. Data collected is fully encrypted at the source to ensure data integrity and in line with security guidelines.

Sensors For Your Smart City

Flooding And Drainage

Sensors for culverts, gullies, access covers and sewers monitor blockages and water levels. Live status updates allow maintenance to be planned accordingly, visiting only those sites that require attention. Flood alerts and warnings are triggered at an agreed, pre-set level. We have been working with Farsite to help Tarmac and Knowsley council monitor flood zones.

Incident Response

Sensors on crash barriers and bridges signal collisions and strikes. Instant alerts are linked to maps for accuracy and are viewed on a centralised portal as well as providing email, text or call notifications.

Drainage Gully Sensors
Manhole Sensor
Crash Barrier Sensors
Barrier Sensor

Winter Maintenance

Sensors for monitoring road temperatures give live updates across the network, allowing treatment operations to be optimised. Grit bin sensors enhance the winter maintenance plan, accurately measuring salt levels and linked to a map for visualisation as well as providing email, text or call notifications. Weather monitors also improve winter maintenance strategies.

Environmental Monitoring

Sensors for air quality, rainfall, pressure, humidity and windspeed monitor pollution and weather, assisting with decision making for maintenance programmes as well as winter maintenance plans. Air Quality Management Areas and urban areas use air quality data to adapt development planning and map out pollution issues for further improvements.

Workers performing maintenance on road
Windspeed Sensor

Waste Services

Sensors within bins – commercial and public – inform of the fill-level in real time, allowing an optimised collection programme and efficiencies to be made.

Footfall and Gate Monitoring

Sensors on gates record footfall data, as well as alerting when a gate is left open. All sensors allow for data collection and analysis to enhance the overview of the highway network and assist with planning.

Bin Sensors
Gate Sensors

IoT CCTV Site Monitoring

These self-contained cameras provide remote, autonomous location monitoring day or night. The cameras are battery powered, automatically recharging during the day (all-year) using a solar panel. Can provide snapshot capture or live video feed. All our IoT sensors can be connected to the camera for rapid verification of location status.

CCTV Camera
“It does what it says on the tin, it’s the best one out there."
Alan Carver
Wigan Council
"If there's a better system then I haven’t seen it."
Mark Harriman
Tarmac, Walsall Council
"Information KaarbonTech provides allows us to focus resources more accurately"
David Sheard
Cumbria County Council

Why KaarbonTech?

Experience managing 5 million drainage assets
Staff experience with all types of sensor products
Cost effective solution
Already managing sensors on multiple networks
Configurable email or SMS notifications

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