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UAV Aerial Surveying

What the service gives you:

UAV surveying creates millions of geographic reference points from imagery rather than sending a surveyor to manually record each point.
Fast deployment
Our craft can be on-site and airborne within minutes*
Deeper data
Volumetric measurements, topographical drawings and GIS analysis
Greater detail
Land movement, excavation stock taking, water catchment measurement, agroecological investigation
Fast and cost-effective
UAV gives you an unparalleled balance between speed, cost and accuracy for smaller sites
Better access
Survey hazardous or inaccessible sites easily
Risk assess survey area
Obtain necessary approvals
Fly UAV and collect raw data
Process data
Provide deliverable finished product
“The images provided have been incredibly useful and an absolute asset in the planning for future festivals.”
“The support provided by KaarbonTech goes above and beyond.”
“The technical expertise demonstrated was second to none and I was very impressed with the whole experience.”
"KaarbonTech is a massive help to me as I know the survey will be delivered on time and will be right first time.”

Why KaarbonTech?

All pilots fully-trained and licensed by the CAA
We combine the latest technology, volumetric measurements, topographical drawings and GIS analysis to give you the most accurate survey to help inform decisions
More than just images – we offer an end-to-end service from risk assessment and flight through to fully-mapped imaging
Daily monitoring of survey and maintenance data
In June 2013 KaarbonTech became the first UK company to fly the new eBee fixed wing system
This allows us to react quickly and be on-site within hours
We use our expertise to help you get what you need

* All sites require site risk assessment before commencing. Certain aviation restrictions may affect when and where we can fly. We can quickly cross check the location with a number of authorities to see if restrictions apply.

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