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Report-it Key features

  • Easy to use public interface
  • Embedded into existing council websites
  • Smart phones and tablet ready
  • Public can upload photos
  • Inform public electronically of last inspections
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KaarbonTech Report-it

Report-it is a system that provides a simple effective public interface to the general public for the reporting of asset defects.

The system can be embedded within a council website or hosted by Kaarbontech. It is viewable on any internet ready PC, phone or tablet.

Designed to empower the general public with the ability to instantly report defects to the local authority.

This solution allow’s councils to reduce the demand on the call centre while improving response times.

Organisations that adopt Report-it can expect to improve their management of complaints and build  a better historical record of each asset.

The system will also provide an authority with the ability to share reported defects to contractors much more easily, therefore enhacing communication.

Simple to use

Report-it provides an easy to use, yet powerful set of search tools that allow members of the public to locate an asset via map view, street name or postcode in order to identify the correct location.

The historical maintenance of an asset is shared to the public ensuring that no restricted information is viewable. Users can quickly view the last time an asset was cleaned, repaired or maintained.

Photo’s can be uploaded to the system and will automatically be fully associated with the asset being reported.

Add new assets

The simple interface allows a user to add an asset to a new location. This means that over time, the councils assets will be updated by the general public.

By using a map interface to add an asset, avoids miscommunication of the actual, exact location of the asset.


Call centre staff, operation managers and management can interrogate and report on the system. Assets can be filtered, viewed along with their historical records and displayed on the map.

Assets requiring work can be allocated to field teams wirelessly.

Field Teams

On receiving allocated work to visit an asset, the field user can be navigated to the exact location.

Defect locations can be viewed on any smart device allowing the realistic use of “Bring Your Own Device”.

“As soon as I learned that KaarbonTech is an Ordnance Survey partner I knew that digital mapping content would be precise and robust. My whole team has full confidence in the software.”
John Roseblade - Group Manager – Highways and Environment, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
“The ability to record and access data using handheld devices, combined with the accuracy of Ordnance Survey GIS data is allowing customer smarter ways of working.”
Ed Bradford - Senior Engineer, Highways Services, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
“This software from KaarbonTech delivers the best reporting system I have seen in asset management.”
Mark Harriman - Operations Manager, Lafarge Tarmac

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