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Case Study: Surrey Highways

Efficiency savings and protecting budget with KaarbonTech Asset Management systems.

The Problem
Surrey Highways approached KaarbonTech looking for ways to streamline the management of their tree stock and associated contractors.
The Approach
A custom build of the KaarbonTech system bespoke to the needs of the council.
The Outcome
Reduced field visits from 33% of inspectors' time to less than 1%. Inspection productivity doubled as the team's confidence to work independently grew, thanks to the KaarbonTech system.
“The ability to risk profile our defects and share network information with confidence has led to a budget increase of 34% to £1m.”
Graham Banks
Arboricultural Team Manager, Surrey County Council

The Problem

Surrey Highways previously spent 2-3 years developing ESRI field products but were struggling with the lack of available time to collect, review and maintain the network with the robustness that they required.

Surrey Highways approached KaarbonTech looking for ways to streamline the management of their tree stock and associated contractors.

Key Objectives:

– To streamline the inspection process of roads, group and individual trees.

– To provide a simple interface to customer service users.

– To open visibility of outstanding defects to all users.

– To manage a complex schedule of rates for 8 framework contractors and identify the cheapest contractor for any chosen package of work at the click of a button.

– To manage financial reporting of budget requirements, contractor invoice validation and prioritisation of work.

The Approach

Most of the streamlining of inspections was available out of the box, but the financial work required some tailoring. Each defect required its own priority, photo and comment with an ability to close off one or more of those at a time.

The schedule of rates that formed their contract had variances for different areas, different tree heights and bulk discounting based on work package sizes. Contract managers wanted the system to show the cheapest contractor for work packages at a click of a button. Financial valuations also needed to calculate partially completed work to save time cross-referencing contractor invoices.

The Outcome

Inspection productivity has doubled, as teams are confidently able to work on their own while the system synchronises their data.

Reacting to defects raised by the public or other stakeholders used to require a field visit to assess. A combination of allowing officers to access, raise and share information and desktop assessments through KaarbonTech, have reduced field visits from 33% of inspectors’ time to less than 1%.

“There was so much opportunity to make serious time savings by tailoring some of the software to the way Surrey Council worked.”
Doug Maxted
Project Manager, KaarbonTech