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Case Study: Knowsley MBC

Kaarbontech preventing further flooding in Knowsley

The Problem
Whiston Lane in Knowsley has been subject to a major flood event in December 2017 caused by intense/prolonged rainfall. Investigations were carried out and further monitoring was needed.
The Approach
KaarbonTech, in conjunction with Tarmac, supplied and installed 6 Gully Sensors and 2 Culvert Sensors in Knowsley
The Outcome
The water level information from the sensors ensured that when a further severe weather event in June 2019 occurred the event was successfully managed proactively. (rather than reactively) and a potential flooding situation was prevented
“Having confidence in the accuracy of the data and a system that reports against high risk or prioritised areas allows us to make swift decisions. With proactive decisions we were able to avert any possible danger to the properties in the area. In doing so it also regained the trust of the residents in Knowsley

The Problem

A number of properties at Whiston Lane in Knowsley have been subject to internal flooding during periods of intense/prolonged rainfall. This has been a problem for some years and without changes this was set to continue costing potentially thousands & thousands. also the emotional turmoil the resident’s were enduring each time it rained needed to be addressed.

The Approach

A new land drainage system has recently been installed alongside extensive re-modelling/landscaping work which will help to prevent the potential reoccurrence of a flooding incident.

We were keen to add extra resilience and saw the installation of gully sensors as an effective way of complimenting the works previously completed.

The Outcome

The sensors proved invaluable during the recent spell of wet weather as we were able to continuously remotely monitor the water levels in the culvert and gullies. Using the remote intelligence we were able to instruct proactive gully cleansing at the optimum time during the wet weather period and also visited the site to reassure residents and provide floodsax. As an additional precaution the sensors are linked to Tarmac’s out of hours emergency response system and are set to send an alert to the Duty Manager should water levels rise to a critical level.

Having all this data to hand is incredible. Kaarbontech set the alarms on the gully sensors and the culvert to actually ring us when levels where getting dangerously high. This wasn't a standard solution but Kaarbontech worked tirelessly to give us what we needed to prevent further flooding in the area.
Darren Sephton
Knowsley Council