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Case Study: Bath and North East Somerset

Cost Neutral Surveying with KaarbonTech Asset Management systems.

The Problem
Budget cuts meant that the gully cleaning service needed reviewing to minimise the impact of these cuts on the public.
The Approach
KaarbonTech systems identified zones that were more likely to have a lower percentage of gullies needing to be cleaned.
The Outcome
The financial saving made by removing unnecessary cleaning of identified gullies paid for the survey and saved maintenance costs.
“Their use of experienced independent surveyors, specifically designed tools and well defined safe working practices were key reasons for choosing KaarbonTech.”
Chris Jenner
Senior Technical Officer at BathNES
“In addition to the savings made, we also gained valuable inspections which helps drive future efficiencies as we get to know our network better."

The Problem

Like other authorities, in recent years Bath & North East Somerset (BathNES) have faced budget cuts.

The gully cleaning service was reviewed to minimise the impact of these cuts on the public.

BathNES knew there were gullies on the network that didn’t need cleaning but without having a long history of silt level and condition data, they were not confident in making blind cuts to the service without inspection.

The Approach

BathNES used GullySMART to identify zones that were most likely to have a higher percentage of gullies not requiring a clean. KaarbonTech were instructed to complete a condition and silt level survey of those areas over a 6-week period.

The Outcome

The speed of the survey allowed decisions to be made much more quickly than normal. Survey inspections were stored along with cleans and repairs in the asset history. All of the gullies surveyed had been removed from the maintenance regime for that year so inspecting them reduced the risk of flooding.

The results supported the decision as 95% of gullies had silt levels of 50% and lower. The financial saving made from removing these gullies, paid for the survey and additionally saved considerable maintenance costs.

“There were 79 gullies found with unsafe lids that would otherwise go unnoticed if BathNES has chosen not to complete the survey. Identifying and rectifying these hazards reduces the risk to the public using the highway.”
Leigh Harris
Project Manager, KaarbonTech