CIHT / Amey Asset Management Award Goes To Kaarbontech , Tarmac

It may seem its just another award night and we are always in our suits. However there is so much more to attending events and award ceremonies. Kaarbontech are always striving to be innovators of the Gully Smart software.

This is one of the ways we stay ahead of the game, networking and attending events. Realising that other operators in our industry are hot on are heals keeps us pushing forward. In this world standing still is moving backwards as others overtake you. We listen to the people and the problems in the industry and then we provide the solutions.

CIHT / Amey Asset Management Award for Kaarbontech gully smart
Mark Entwistle, Walsall Council staff & Tarmac receiving CIHT / Amey Asset Management Award

CIHT / Amey Asset Management Award

We were pleased to have been nominated for the award along with 2 other great companies. Kaarbontech were delighted to have won the award made possible by all the dedicated staff. The award just confirms that all the hard work and innovation is still moving in the right direction.

We are committed to providing solutions to asset management and we believe that Gully Smart is the one. Of course this award is with Tarmac PLC and the partnership with them allows us to drive forward with a true focus.

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Tarmac are using the Gully Smart (Gully Management Software) in Walsall with outstanding results. Before the software was implemented the Walsall Council gully crew were only hitting 13% of the drainage network. Of this small percentage 8% was reactive and very time consuming due to the high silt levels.

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Gully Smart, Tarmac, Kaarbontech

The inefficiencies were only getting worse with the increasing of the reactive visits. Something different had to be done.

mapping gully’s

With managed data the crews were able to move from 55 visits to a staggering 130 a day. The gully mangment software enabled proactive visits enabling the crews to visit 98% of the assets in the year. Read the Walsall Councils full Case Study.

Tarmac, Walsall Council.

Once you digitise the data the opportunity’s to innovate and use the information is infinite.

The KaarbonTech approach is that collecting data is only the first stage – it is the ability to analyse and report on the data that ultimately improves performance.

Mark Harriman
Operations Manager, Tarmac

Work With Kaarbontech and Gully Smart

Speak with us today and we guarantee that we will increase your productivity levels in all areas of asset management. Not only is it the award winning Gully Smart, the gully management software we provide. We have asset management software for all areas of your Councils assets.

These are the Solutions Kaarbontech provide

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