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Grit SMART Key features

  • Monitor public movement of grit bins
  • Photo and video inspection recording
  • Bin vulnerability assessment
  • Route navigation
  • Work allocation
  • Network valuation
  • Better team utilisation
  • More accurate winter budgeting

Grit SMART Bin Management Software

Grit bin management has traditionally been complex and costly. We have worked alongside some major authorities to develop a system that reduces wastage and minimises the risk of a claim against the council. The result has been a high speed mix of Android and iOS technology with Ordnance Survey and local authority data.

Wireless handheld devices are used by teams to record bins in need of repair and/or filling and work packages are allocated wirelessly to teams out on the road. Carbon emissions are reduced as work can be planned more strategically resulting in fewer journeys and lower fuel costs.

The Grit SMART software allows inspection criteria to be tailored to the asset e.g. grit bin and data can be captured using voice, video and photo whilst GIS/GPS is used to ensure accuracy of location.  Digital connectivity means that teams can share inspection details immediately and patterns of usage can be tracked and analysed ready to be incorporated into future years planning.

Grit SMART Advantages

Our Grit SMART customers benefit from:

  • Better team utilisation
  • More accurate budgeting
  • Improved public communication
  • Network valuation

Details of asset ownership and management agreements are also recordable; this is of particular relevance for grit bins.  Unlike most highways assets the responsibility for funding, installation, maintenance and filling of grit bins can be divided amongst Parish, District/Borough and County councils. The creation of a historic data record is of real added value when managing assets with multiple authority involvement.

Understand your grit bin network and only fill the bins that actually need filling. Call us to discuss: 01202 0313333

All new Grit SMART contracts are tailored to the customer requirements. 

We know the collection of data is only half the picture – it is how that data is used that makes the difference.

The key to making effective use of asset data is to be able to view it within the context of the local landscape.  As a partner organisation of Ordnance Survey, KaarbonTech is leading the way in combining asset management with automated referencing to geographical information that may affect vulnerability.

For example, KaarbonTech Grit SMART system enables the grit bins, or other assets, to be laid over an OS Mastermap and/or aerial imaging. Local authorities also use KaarbonTech software for managing gully cleaning making this viewing option particularly relevant when factoring in environmental features such as areas of flood and skid risk.

The system has the capability to link with other geographical data. For example, visual display showing an integrated picture of winter gritting routes, elderly persons’ accommodation, flood zones and un-adopted roads. Integrated knowledge of grit bin locations, location data and grit levels avoids both valuable staff time and fuel costs being wasted on unnecessary repeat visits.

Request a demonstration to see how user friendly this system is.

Contact us:

Telephone: 01202 031333

“As soon as I learned that KaarbonTech is an Ordnance Survey partner I knew that digital mapping content would be precise and robust. My whole team has full confidence in the software.”
John Roseblade - Group Manager – Highways and Environment, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
“I really like the speed and simplicity of the system.”
Ethan Baker, Gully Cleaning Team Member
“I was impressed – within four months of moving across to the KaarbonTech software we had saved £50,000. The impact on cost and efficiency was real and measurable.”
Mr Tony Casey - Highways Maintenance Team Leader, Surrey County Council Highways

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