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Highway Asset Surveying

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Highway Asset Surveying Key features

  • Visual, condition and inventory surveys
  • Surveyors use KaarbonTech specialised survey software
  • Add historical survey data
  • Fast response and deployment
  • Daily monitoring of survey data
  • High accuracy GPS surveys
  • Highly trained staff

Highway Asset Surveying

KaarbonTech provide services for the visual inspection and inventory survey of highways.

Using our specialised software solutions, KaarbonTech staff can quickly deploy and undertake the highway asset surveys that fully meet a customers requirements.

When our surveyors use KaarbonTech’s SMART software, asset data is recorded against OS MasterMAP to ensure accuracy is maintained. Photo’s, video or and audio can be added to each asset record and previous inspections can be viewed by the surveyor. Historical survey data can also be added to the system.

Our solutions can be tailored to match a customers required Q&A and can meet industry standards for highway surveying.

The surveyor can work completely offline during the day. At the end of the shift, data is wirelessly transferred to our servers.

Customers are able to see the results of the survey on a day-by-day basis thanks to our wireless transfer of data direct from the field surveyors. Our interactive reporting tools provide simple to use options for reporting on all asset types and conditions. KPI reports on the network can be produced at the touch of a button.

Survey data Is stored in the cloud but can exported into GIS or Google format with ease. This can provide a simple solution for transferring survey data to contractors and staff in order to facilitate repairs or maintenance to assets.

“This software from KaarbonTech delivers the best reporting system I have seen in asset management.”
Mark Harriman – Operations Manager, Lafarge Tarmac
“I was impressed – within four months of moving across to the KaarbonTech software we had saved £50,000. The impact on cost and efficiency was real and measurable.”
Mr Tony Casey - Highways Maintenance Team Leader, Karbontech
“The software uses the best of modern technology to deliver an excellent tool for managing gully cleaning.”
Richard O'Keeffe - Contracts Manager, EM Highways

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