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Gully Sensor – Help Prevent Flooding

KaarbonTech are always keen to add innovative ideas and services to our portfolio. Our Gully SMART system is used in over 40 local authorities and is helping to improve productivity, reduce flood risk and increase the quality of asset data. We aim to leverage technology as much as possible in order to provide quality solutions through good data collection.  KaarbonTech manage over 30% of the local government sector for one or more highways asset type.

Gully Sensor Technology

Gully Sensors have been used widely by water authorities for over 20 years and recent advances in technology have resulted in the ability to deliver a cost effective solution that will allow highway authorities to monitor activity inside gully pots across their network for the first time.

The challenges faced getting information out of a road gully?

  • To get the gully sensor signal through an iron grid
  • Access for cleaning the gully and maintenance of the sensor
  • Security of sensor equipment due to the high cost of new technology

KaarbonTech SMART Drain Gully Sensor

Our ‘Smart Drain’ solution integrated with the award winning Gully SMART will give live Gully Sensor updates from key gullies across your network providing:

  • Water Level
  • Silt Level
  • Leaf cover information
  • Temperature and inclination
  • GPS Location

These data sets will allow you to be warned of an issue before the public see the flood event, allowing time to react and prevent disruption to the road network, the temperature data could help improve your knowledge for gritting operations and the leaf cover info allows you to target resources efficiently by sending out a street sweeper instead of a gully wagon.

Call us today on 01202 031333 to discuss how KaarbonTech can help you implement this innovative Gully Sensor technology for your drainage network.

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