Data Digitisation and CCTV

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Data Digitisation and CCTV

The digital evolution has seen local authorities adopting systems such as Gully SMART to manage their assets. However, a mountain of historic data remains hidden in boxes and contained within other mediums. KaarbonTech offer a data digitisation and CCTV service to migrate the historic paper records into our asset management systems or into formats compatible with your corporate systems.

Using our skilled staff we are able to quickly import historic records and whilst the digital digitisation project is running, customers can have direct access to our systems to monitor the import of data.

Digitise CCTV Surveys

KaarbonTech users already have the functionality to import their historic CCTV surveys in to their Gully SMART drainage asset management system. The KaarbonTech data digitisation service can perform this import for you. No longer do your CCTV surveys have to sit in boxes taking up valuable floor space and taking an eternity to search for a survey when it is needed.

We can digitise the CCTV survey plans, import the historic video from dvd or video cassette and add the appropriate asset attribute information to the system. Any CCTV PDF’s can also be imported.

Once the initial data digitisation is completed, customers have the ability to add new surveys direct to the system completely automated.

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Watch a video on how CCTV is accessed in Gully SMART

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