Work Allocation

Easily allocate work wirelessly

What, Where, When ?

Data interrogation tools that make reporting simple


Route navigation between assets

Save time, save money

An eye for detail

A level of detail you can rely on

Full colour ordnance survey mapping

Aerial Clarity

Crisp, clear high resolution aerial imagery



Key features

  • Voice, video and photos of condition
  • Off signal working
  • Wireless synchronisation of data
  • Cloud based customer monitoring
  • Tailored inspection Q&A
  • OS Mastermap based
  • Automated location referencing
  • Route navigation

Specialist asset inspection software designed around customers’ needs

Do you need a specialist asset inspection data collection system to help you manage physical assets across your estate portfolio or local authority area?

At KaarbonTech we offer data capture devices tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer. We combine this tailored product with flexibility.

Our software is tailored to each customer so whether you wish to collect data about a range of assets at particular locations (e.g. a retail park or depot) or assets such as  grit bins, lamp posts or bridges across a local authority area we can provide a unit that meets your requirements.

Our flexible approach allows customers to choose from hiring devices or having them on permanent deployment. We understand the importance to organisations of  having a consistent history of assets and their maintenance record which remains robust even if there is a change in contractor.

We offer the option of capturing data using in-house, iOS or Android software.

Putting customers’ needs first

We employ former highways maintenance engineers who understand your requirements can deliver a tailored solution.

Our experience in aerial surveying using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) allows us to offer customers a combined package of aerial and ground based asset management. We discuss the range of options with each customer to put together a bespoke package that fulfils their requirements.

The range of data that can be captured using aerial based surveying includes:

  • High precision imagery.
  • Water catchment and volumetric measurements
  • Structure and roof surveying
  • Cloud based customer monitoring
  • Better team utilisation
  • Improved public communication
  • More accurate budgeting
  • Better network valuation

We are an official Ordnance Survey Partner. You can read more by clicking on the link below:

Ordnance Survey KaarbonTech

Our customers benefit from:

This unique combination of data and imagery gained from aerial and ground based asset management methods gives customers the comprehensive information they need to make effective decisions:

We understand that the collection of data is only half the picture – it is how that data is used that makes the difference.

Read some of our case studies now by clicking below.

Find out more today. Contact us:

Telephone: 01202 031333

“The software uses the best of modern technology to deliver an excellent tool for managing gully cleaning.”
Richard O'Keeffe - Contracts Manager, EM Highways
“Using this software has enabled us to put in place proactive management strategies. Every member of the team feels their time is being used more effectively because work is better planned.”
Neil Tomlinson - Senior Highways Manager, Rutland Council
“This software from KaarbonTech delivers the best reporting system I have seen in asset management.”
Mark Harriman – Operations Manager, Lafarge Tarmac

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